Sky Calls Out Dutchess and Viv + Dutchess’ Sister & Viv Clap Back

Sky’s reconciliation with her sons is arguably the biggest plot line for season 6 of “Black Ink Crew.” Also a factor is her beef with Dutchess and Gossip Viv over her son Genesis’ interview in Dutchess’ tattoo shop. Last night’s episode showed Sky going to Dallas, TX to visit both of her sons. While her youngest son Des embraced Sky, Genesis did not.

Their sit-down ended with Genesis taking on multiple members of the security team after he launched at Sky in anger.

Just before the emotional episode premiered, Sky posted the following message to her Instagram account, calling out Dutchess and Viv. Sky claims that she is doing this to not just get back at her and Ceaser, but to distract from the fact that her shop is struggling to stay afloat financially. She also says Viv should be ashamed of herself for associating with Dutchess and her former manager, who she calls a thief.

Dutchess’ sister and Viv responded not too long after. Firstly, Dutchess’ sister posted a sly, shade-filled response to her Instagram account.


Lastly, Gossip Viv posted her response to Instagram. She posted the photo that she took with Sky, and stands behind her claims that Genesis and his father wanted to do the interview. She also says he would’ve said the exact same thing he said regardless of where the interview was conducted.

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  1. Sky is taking her anger out on the wrong people. Genesis doesn’t like her and thinks she’s full of sh-t. That has nothing to do with Dutchess/Dutchess lips or Viv.

    1. Exactly. Adoption is complicated. Some kids don’t handle it well. That has nothing to do with Dutchess. I wish her and Cease would find something else to talk about. They can’t even go an episode without saying her name.

  2. Something about this adoption storyling isnt right. Genesis is telling the truth on his so called adopted mother. Dont believe everything you see Mrs.Kandace Raymond was arrested in Abilene Texas for stealing money 45,000.00 from a softball team she was the president of the league. It has her mugshot

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