‘Tamar & Vince’ Recap: Tamar Files for Divorce + Blindsides Vince

Vince recovers from his accident and Tamar gets second thoughts.

On the night of September 2nd, Vince had an accident in Los Angeles where he ran into a tree. Luckily, he had no serious injuries and was released from the hospital the next day.

Tamar flew back as soon as she could from Atlanta. When she gets home, Vince is home and she asks what happened. Vince tells her that he hit the tree avoiding another car after avoiding hitting some coyotes. She wanted to tell him she was moving out but the accident changed her plans; she wants to be there for him.

When Tamar asks why he didn’t call her, Vince tells her that she was doing her walk-through and he didn’t want to mess up her performance. This question leads to another argument as Tamar says that she was worried she couldn’t get in touch wth him. Although she is thankful he is okay, she is disappointed a producer called her instead of Vince.

Later on, James invites Tamar and EJ to the studio to hear his music. They are impressed. It’s a gospel record and it moves them. Afterwards, Tamar tells them that Vince is “faking it” after the accident.

“Operation separation is put on hold.” – Tamar

Tamar tells them that she put her plans to move out on hold. She doesn’t want Vince to feel like she wouldn’t be there for him. She doesn’t even want to go to Brooklyn, NY to promote her new album.

“I do care.” – Tamar

She also wants Vince involved with her album release because she hasn’t found another manager.

Vince has another health scare.

Vince was preparing to film a scene but felt a pain in one of his hands. At the urging of the producers, Vince decides to head to the hospital and call his doctor.

He was eventually released after spending two days in the hospital. When he gets home, he bring Logan a Toy.

His doctors found a fracture and feared an infection, so they gave him an IV antibiotic.

Tamar feels he shouldn’t travel to New York but he says he has plans and meetings to attend, including one in Chicago. This angers Tamar because she is just now finding out about it. This causes yet another argument because she feels that Vince doesn’t respect her enough to give her the details of her business dealings.

Vince says Tamar is going through a mid-life crisis.

Tamar openly reveals their marital struggles, making Vince uncomfortable at a listening party.

Tamar and Vince head to New York. Vince felt healthy enough to travel.

“If I can breathe and I can talk, of course I am going to do my part for the record.” – Vince

Tamar is putting her martial drama with Vince behind her to focus on promoting her album.

During Tamar’s speech, Vince began to feel uncomfortable. Tamar explains that her album concept came directly from her struggles to navigate their marital issues.

She also says that she had no regrets openly singing and talking about these issues in her marriage with Vince.

Meanwhile, Vince doesn’t think she should end her singing career, not putting out any albums. However, he says he can’t stop her from making that decision.

“I can’t stop that, she’s a grown woman. Knock yourself out.” – Vince

Vince also feels that Tamar will still keep him in the loop. However, Tamar took her rehearsal by the horns, dictating what she needed her tour manager to do to make sure the show runs smoothly.

Before the show begins, Tamar and Vince exchange a kiss. The show went well despite Vince’s lack of involvement. Afterwards, Tamar is miffed because she and Vince are still at odds.

After the show, James asks if this is Tamar’s last record, and she says yes. However, Vince doesn’t believe her. Tamar feels that Vince doesn’t understand her. Although Vince doesn’t believe her, he doesn’t press her about it. Tamar keeps bringing up that Vince doesn’t want to compromise.

As a result of this, Tamar is ready to tell Vince she is moving out when they get back to LA.

Vince finds out about the apartment and Tamar’s had enough, filing for divorce.

A few weeks later, Tamar moved into the apartment and invites EJ and James over to share the news. They are shocked that she and Logan moved out. EJ says she thought she was keeping, “Vince as a husband.”

When James asks if Vince knows she moved out, she says, “Not exactly.”

Both EJ and James says she really needs to tell him.

“I have to do what I have to do to save the situation.” – Tamar

Her friends remind her that Vince will be livid when he finds out that Logan is out too. However, she says he will deal with it.

“I am not taking his son, we have to share his son.” – Tamar

Tamar was celebrating with her friends and ended up crashing at her apartment. She tried to text Vince that she couldn’t make it home, but later finds out he knows about the apartment.

She’s convinced he has been following her.

“I felt like he crossed the line.” – Tamar

This puts Tamar over the line. She is at a breaking point with her marriage.

“I ain’t sign up for this.” – Tamar

Tamar is walking around the apartment, which is still relatively empty, and she leaves her wedding ring on the kitchen counter.

“I just feel like we both have to earn that ring back.” – Tamar

10 days later, news of Tamar filing for divorce reached all of the blogs, including ours.

EJ and James stop by her place with food and drinks to console Tamar. They ask how a divorce occurred and why they had to find out online.

Tamar says she is left without a choice. She felt like he was following her and she had to find out in the media that her home was up for sale.

Tamar also says she was tired of making it seem like their marriage was wonderful.

“I don’t have a plan. I just have to pray.” – Tamar

Lastly, when she filed, she tried to call him and he didn’t answer. She then sent him a text but he didn’t reply back. EJ and James conclude Vince found out about the divorce when everyone else did; in the media.

They lastly ask if her sisters will support her and she thinks so. Although she is in love with him still, she doesn’t know if they can work things out.

“I have got to do what I got to for me right now, and I have to do whats best for my baby Logan.” – Tamar

What are your thoughts on the season finale?

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  1. I’m so confused. So you are mad he found out and mad you found out the same way he did about the house being for sale. I don’t get it

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