Brittney Taylor Calls out Rah Ali for Fighting ‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Sky + Rah Ali Responds (UPDATE)

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By: A.J. Niles

Although everyone wants to ring in the new year without drama, some people can’t avoid it.

This includes “Black Ink Crew” star Sky, who had a very drama filled 2017. She ended up ringing in the new year fighting an old enemy; former LHHNY star Rah Ali.

The two fought at Diddy’s Revolt TV NYE party in Miami, FL moments before the clock struck midnight. Interestingly enough, current LHHNY star Brittney Taylor apparently felt some type of way about the altercation.

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  1. So this is what everyone keeps hyping up? No one won anything. I feel like people just love to make Sky out to be something she’s really not. She doesn’t have hands like that and fights looking at the ground. She didn’t win anything. And what was Rah doing? She pulled some hair and got a couple of licks in before Sky could get free and security came. Nothing major. No one did any damage but Rah was lame for that because she really pretended she was trying to make up with Sky.

  2. Nothing but hair pulling. But I’m not surprised people are making a big deal out of this. They did the same thing with Porsha. Hair pulling does not equal beating anyone up.

  3. This is it? Ok Sky did not get beat up but she didn’t win either. She was caught off guard and couldn’t do much before security came anyway. It’s crazy because you can tell she was really happy Rah wanted to end their beef. And then Rah grabbed her by the back of the head. Crazy. LOL.

  4. I see this as Sky’s karma. She’s been so busy threatening Dutchess and her momma on Instagram but got snuck for the whole world to see on NYE. She talked so much mess about Rah but was happy as hell when she offered a fake hug. I thought Sky was supposed to be gangsta? Say what you want, but Rah got some good licks in. Maybe Sky should take the advice she gave Dutchess and be ready next time.

  5. Hell Bri lied from top to bottom. She said there was no security to break them up, but there’s security breaking them up in the video. She says Sky beat up Rah but that did not happen. Did she even see the fight or get fake details of what happened from Sky or Sky’s fans?

  6. Bri really over exaggerated!! She said Sky whooped Rah and Rah was bloodied with bald spots. Lol!! Now it just looks like she lied for some attention.

  7. So Rah pulled a Zell Swag but didn’t do as much damage. i don’t think anyone won tbh. And Sky definitely didn’t lose. She mushed her into the wall. So no one told the truth.

  8. Was it weak for Rah to pretend she was going to hug Sky and instead attacked her absolutely. But Sky should have known better because did she really think Rah was about to hug and make up with her after how she pulled up on her at black ink. Like come on Rah seems like the kinda person who holds grudges she seems untrustworthy. Sky should have been smarter.

  9. Sorry, Sky lost. Yeah Rah caught her off guard, but Sky fell and never really had a chance after that. I’m confused as to how her stans are saying she won. No ma’am.

    1. Exactly…at least the first fight was face to face but to run up on somebody and act like your speaking then grab her by the hair because she better had or Skyy would have whipped that a-s like she did before!

  10. So Rah was kicked out of a very prestigious party when Sky didn’t even want to fight? I think this is a bad look for Rah. She should have been busy making connections at the party because I have no idea what work she gets since leaving LHHNY.

  11. Sky is trying to be a better person and gave Rah the benefit of the doubt when she shouldn’t have. But I love her anyway but let’s be real, Rah couldn’t do sh-t when they squared up the last time. She had to do this weak sh-t to keep from getting her a-s whooped again. Rah is all talk and lame.

  12. Where they do that at? You start off friendly to get someone in your range and you think you won. When the first fight happened that b**** seen it coming and Sky gave that h** the business. Now cause she was caught off guard Rah think she did something. You don’t see the rest of the fight, so for all we know Sky could have came back. That big b**** Rah think she did something, stand toe to toe with them hands then b****. I hate a coward. #CowardA$$

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