Richard Duncan & His Wife Nikki Put Dutchess on Blast

A few nights ago, Richard Duncan and his wife were on Instagram Live and began to talk about the current season of “Black Ink Crew.” Nikki, who is friends with Sky, says that Dutchess and Gossip Viv were wrong for getting involved in Sky’s drama with Genesis.

“I am a firm believer that nobody should ever comment or get involved with anybody’s parenting. Your parenting decisions are your own decisions. They are very personal, and people like to throw their opinions and their two cents about parenting. I was raised that you don’t comment on people’s parenting, no matter what it is.

“I understand that there are factors that other people don’t understand that really happened. [But] I believe she was paid to do that. So when you involve money in stuff, people get really funny with money. So I think there’s that… Obviously, I f*** with Sky. I love Sky to death, so I support her and I don’t think it was right.”

Richard jumps in and says, “No one can tell me that [Dutchess & Viv] wasn’t paid for that video.”

He also added:

“Even if it wasn’t Dutchess directly, [Viv] knew she was going to get paid for it.”

Nikki then yells out, “Of course they were paid for it!” But then she seems to somewhat defend Dutchess’ actions.

“People have expectations on people’s behaviors and that’s what pisses people off. People are like how could you do that. How could you not?

“[Dutchess] don’t owe her anything. The world is a f***ed up place. People will say and do whatever for their own personal gain.”

Check out the clip below.

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  1. They’re off the show now right? So they need to worry about what they got going on and let Dutchess move on with her life like they are trying to do. It’s amazing how everyone has Dutchess name in their mouths STILL.

  2. Oh please. Why would production pay Dutchess to do anything when she’s not on the show anymore? It’s obvious Genesis and his daddy went To Dutchess shop out of spite. They knew it would hurt Sky and they were right. That’s what we call old fashion revenge. People need to stop searching high and low for excuses and accept the facts. Sky’s son hates her. Maybe that will change over time but that is not Dutchess fault.

  3. She feels this way because someone also called her out on the show for abandoning her own kid to run behind Richard.

  4. So not only are the people still on the show still talking about Dutcthess but so are the ones who aren’t. Annoying.

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