Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore Slam Kim Zolciak

While Porsha Williams and Sheree Whitfield are happy to have Kim Zolciak back on the show, the others are not here for it.

They had no problem confirming this in their recent interview with Bravo either.

Here’s what NeNe Leakes had to say:

She comes off like she’s the only one who can have a nice house, beautiful children, have a hot husband. He has the best booty implants…it’s crazy as hell.

And Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore seem to believe that Kim acts very entitled.

Kenya: She’s just a disgusting person to me.

Cynthia: It was just like this weird sense of entitlement.

Kenya: She comes in and disrupts everything as though she owns everyone and everything around her. No honey, this is not your show. This is not your house. And we don’t even really want you here.

Check out the video below:

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  1. I mean say what you want about Kim but the show didn’t get interesting until her and NeNe came back. It may not be her show but the show needed something baby because I was bored!

    1. Well Kenya is boring. Add that to the fact that she’s fake married this season and refuses to film wth her fake husband and she serves no purpose to the show. So you can’t blame Bravo for bringing Kim and NeNe back.

  2. And you know it, Kenya just mad cause like you say Kim calls her on her crap. I don’t know when Kenya thought she was so important to the show that she’s needed. Hell, she acts like the show is on because of her, so for real they all act a little bit arrogant to me so, leave Kim alone. Kenya was pushing the single ladies to the front in Napa, now had someone done that to her she would have been outdone.. Kenya you do your own brand of bullsh*t so take a seat and dumb arse Cynthia is just your lap dog.

  3. Dont nobody want Kim on the show. Dumb Sheree let’s guess how many times Sheree has been in Kim”s house since her wedding. How many times did u see her on Don’t be Tardy? Please Kim is not your friend. Go away annoying duck duck. Now I do like Kim on Don’t be Tardy she is not a good fit on the housewives anymore.

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