Amid Offset’s Latest Controversy, Cardi B Claps Back

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Cardi B’s boo Offset has been in the headlines for the last several hours thanks to his new music.

While he continues to get called out by the LGBT community, Cardi is standing by her man.

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  1. I mean he cheats on her like every week though. I get that he helped her believe in herself but that doesn’t mean she has to sit there and take the disrespect constantly.

  2. She needs to shut the f-ck up. There’s nothing smart about f-cking up your career for someone who has no problem f-cking randoms on a regular basis. She needs to stay out of this sh-t and stop resounding to every tweet she gets.

  3. I mean Cardi is not leaving Offset. She’s way too loyal but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was the one who ends up ending things. You have to be careful who you are loyal to. Not everyone deserves your loyalty. No matter what good things they did for you. He does not even respect her. Notice how quick he was to apologize to the gays but he has said nothing about constantly cheating on her. And why should he? It’s not like she loves herself or believes she deserves better.

  4. Me personally, I get tired of the internet users telling people what they think they should be doing. I’d be willing to bet half my 401k that more than half the mfers telling her that she should leave are sitting next to or just got up out of bed with someone that is doing exactly what Offset is doing to Cardi. Only difference is there are Millions of people watching their relationship unfold.

  5. Lmao Cardi and women in her shoes swear that every woman is out here getting cheated on and disrespected. Newsflash, not all of us are willing to be walked on just to say we have a man. When I decided to get some standards even if that meant being single for a few years, I met a great man who became my husband. I don’t deal with the issues Cardi and those like her are dealing with. Men bank on women believing that all of them cheat so they can treat you badly. I actually had one tell me this. His motto was something like treat em bad and make them love you. Sick isn’t it? And with Cardi and women in her shoes, I’m seeing now that that method actually does work for a lot of women. Believe me when I say you all deserve better. But oh well. To each its own.

  6. Offset is a big boy. He can fight his own battles and handle his own career blunders. People need to remember that, including Cardi. She’s not the one who rapped that. She doesn’t have to say or tweet anything.

  7. They need to stop tweeting Cardi this dumb ish. She’s a grown woman. She will date who the hell she pleases.

  8. She must really think she owes him something. I’ve always felt like she talks about him like he’s a manager/advisor rather than her partner. It’s always about what he does for her career/body rather than what he does for her soul.

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