Cardi B Continues to Defend Offset, Says LGBT Community Should Educate Others

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

Cardi B is making headlines once again for defending her fianc√© Offset and the use of the word, “queer.”

Not only is she saying that Offset didn’t know the word was derogatory, she says that the LGBT community should educate others on what words are bad to use.

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  1. Cardi is going to keep running her mouth and ruin her career like Iggy did. She needs to chill out. Everything doesn’t require a rant.

  2. I think Cardi needs thicker skin. When you’re in the spotlight, you’re going to offend people. If you know you’re wrong, apologize to those offended and keep it moving. And she needs to let Offset fight his own battles. He’s not out here defending her, now is he?

  3. She worrying about being educated on what words offend people she should be worrying about how not to sound so ignorant in all her interviews and how to stay relevent in 2018

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