LHHNY Recap: Rich & Ruben Almost Come to Blows + Mo Learns of Karl's Secret Instagram Account
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LHHNY Recap: Rich & Ruben Almost Come to Blows + Mo Learns of Karl’s Secret Instagram Account

Ruben has a conversation with Rich.

While Rich and Anais are talking at her signing, Ruben walks up on them and questions who Rich is.

Rich tells Ruben that he’s working for Navarro, but Ruben wonders how Rich knows so much about him. Anais then says that she and Rich have been dating.

Ruben asks Rich if he knows that Anais has two kids and is a married woman.

“You think this is right?” – Ruben

Rich gets agitated when Ruben gets cold towards him and security breaks them up.

“Let me get this motherf*cker. Who the f*ck does he think he is? Piece of sh*t.” – Ruben

“No! Calm down.” – Anais

Ruben decides to leave with security but takes his wedding ring off and tosses it on his way out.

Jonathan gets mad and starts screaming that Rich is not worth Anais leaving her husband. He also reveals that he saw Rich getting another woman’s number just moments ago.

Rich denies this and this really angers Jonathan.

Anais gets upset and says she’s doesn’t want to deal with Rich. She goes outside to talk to Ruben and Jonathan followers her.

Anais says they were in a bad place when she started dealing with Rich but Ruben says he’s done. He walks away.

Anais starts crying and Jonathan console her.

“Now I feel like I lost him.” – Anais

Jaquae catches up with Bianca at a bowling alley, she offers to set him up on a date.

He tells her that he’s happy to be single, and she was right about Sophia.

Bianca says she wants to set him up with a female rapper named Kiyanne.

Kiyanne comes in and gets introduced to Jaquae.

She raps and he’s impressed by this. It’s clear that there is some attraction between them.

Snoop, Jaquae and Safaree hang out.

They all meet at a batting cage.

Jaquae asks what’s up with Safaree and MariahLynn.

Safaree tells them it’s nothing like that but he’s having some issues with Dreamdoll.

Karl joins them and Snoop asks him what’s going on between him and Lil Mo. He says they aren’t in a good place but he had to set up a new Instagram account for his career. Mo doesn’t know about this.

Snoop tries to warn him against this but Karl says it’s the best move for him professionally.

Rich gets advice from Peter Gunz.

They meet at a sneaker shop and Navarro joins them.

Rich tells them about how he clashed with Ruben the other day at Anais’ event.

In a green screen interview, Navarro says this is an issue because it makes him seem unprofessional seeing as Rich is his friend.

Rich thinks he needs to probably leave Anais alone.

“I’ma leave her alone because that’s her husband, her kids and that’s his wife.” – Rich

Safaree has another failed meeting with Dreamdoll.

He goes to the studio to talk to Dreamdoll.

She’s upset he hasn’t cut off MariahLynn.

She’s also not happy that he performed with MariahLynn recently.

“I can do whatever the hell I want.” – Safaree

Dreamdoll says they made an agreement for him to cut off MariahLynn but Safaree says he didn’t agree to anything.

“I didn’t do nothing.” – Safaree

He tries to explain that all he did was perform at the same event MariahLynn was at and that wasn’t planned. They didn’t even share the same stage.

This angers Dreamdoll and she walks out of the studio. He now plans to have a studio session with MariahLynn.

Jaquae hangs out with Kiyanne.

They go to a gravity indoor skydiving place and try to get to know each other. She tells him she has a son and she’s single.

Jaquae says he’s no longer dating Sophia Body and he tells her that he wants to go out wth her again.

They both agree to take their time in getting to know each other.

Ruben has a conversation with Navarro and Anais.

Ruben gets to Navarro’s office first and he checks him for bringing Rich around.

“Do you think it’s right?” – Ruben

Navarro says he minds his business because he’s not repsosbile for what Anais does in her personal life. Ruben says that he’s leaving Anais as a result of her affair with Rich.

Anais then walks in.

She tells Ruben she wants to apologize to him but he’s not trying to hear it.

Ruben also says he no longer wants anything to do with Anais’ career.

Anais says that she wouldn’t have cheated if Ruben was making her happy. He tells her that he also provided for her and Anais tells him he doesn’t make her.

He then tells her to pack her things and move out.

Juju and Safaree hang out, Safaree runs into Sophia.

Safaree tells Juju that things aren’t going well with Dreamdoll. He feels like she’s trying to control him.

“I’m past that part of my life.” – Safaree

Safaree looks up and notices Sophia Body is the DJ. He decides to speak.

He tells her he doesn’t agree with Dreamdoll throwing a drink at her. They both talk about being single again.

Sophia says she can’t reach Jaquae to talk about things so Safaree says she should come by Karl’s event since Jaquae will be there.

“Alright, I’ll go.” – Sophia

Anais pops up on Rich.

Since she was kicked out the house, she goes to Rich’s place to see if she can spend the night.

She confirms to Rich that Ruben wants a divorce.

This annoys Rich because he feels like Anais has made a mess of things. Rich feels Anais should have told Ruben she that their marriage was over.

They start arguing and Rich says Anais lied and told him the marriage was over when it wasn’t.

Anais then asks him about him getting someone else’s number in front of Jonathan.

He says it’s true but he didn’t feel like he had something serious with Anais.

This makes Anais feel stupid and she now wishes she listened to Jonathan’s warnings about Rich.

They argue some more, only making things worst.

“Well get the f*ck out of here.” – Rich.

“You can go to Hell.” – Anais

Anais leaves.

Lil Mo learns of Karl’s secret Instagram account.

Karl has his publicity event to get his boxing career back on track.

Lil Mo is in attendance and Remy tells her that she learned about the event on Instagram.

“He don’t have a page. He shut his page down.” – Mo

Remy then shows her the account and Mo finds out that he’s blocked her.

Mo starts wondering if he’s cheating on her again. Remy tries to calm her down before she leaves for a performance.

Mo doesn’t heed the advice and confronts Karl about it. He walks away and tries to ignore her. She then vents to Snoop.

“I’m tired of this sh*t…let’s see how far he goes without me.” – Mo

Mo walks out the event and Snoop follows her to calm her down. Mo ends up leaving.

Sophia shows up to the event and Snoop checks her for what happened with Jaquae. However, Sophia says she wants to talk with him and make things right.

Snoop says she hopes things work out.

Jaquae walks in with Kiyanne.


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  1. Kimberly

    January 9, 2018 at 10:44 am

    Anais annoys me.

  2. Shady Bootz

    January 9, 2018 at 11:12 am

    I am so attracted to Navarro handsome a-s, that smile tho! Jesus! Jaquae comes off as dusty however, there’s something about him that I like and it pisses me off for feeling that way. I can’t stand that b-tch dreamdoll. Kiyanne is so pretty! That’s all I have.

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