‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Young Bae Learns Some Shocking News + Sky Attacks Teddy

The group heads to South Korea.

They are going to make sure Bae’s mother is okay since Bae is worried her abusive father may have hurt her mother.

Ceaser upgrades his and Sky’s seats to first class because they are “the bosses.” Sky rubs this in everyone else’s faces.

Bae is extremely nervous and she hopes her mother is okay.

“I wish I was going for a happier reason.” – Bae

Bae tells the gang that since her mother was born into a wealthy family, they disowned her for marrying her father. The whole situation makes Sky emotional, since she’s dealt with her mother missing in the past due to her mother not taking medication for her mental illness.

When they get to their hotel, they find that it’s very traditional. The are required to remove their shoes and they are impressed with how the place looks.

Sky doesn’t waste any time testing out the bidet in the bathroom.

On the way to her mother’s apartment, Bae tells everyone that she feels nauseous.

When they get there, they walk in and find the place empty.

“It don’t seem like no one been in here. It’s mad cold in here.” – Cease

Bae runs to the bathroom and throws up. After Sky and the others check on her, they find that Bae’s mother left her phone behind.

Bae doesn’t know the code to unlock the phone. They find a calendar and a hand written prayer penned on hit by her mother in which she says she’s thankful for Bae and is saddened that she could never do anything for her.

Once Bae reads this, she breaks down in tears.

Tatiana returns to the shop.

Now that Melody has decided to return but no longer manage the shop, Tatiana returns while the others are away in South Korea.

Her client and cousin, Lisa, comes in to get a tattoo done by Tatiana.

In a green screen interview, Tatiana says she feels everyone saw the wrong side of her and she really is talented when it comes to tattoos.

She says she’s not going to let the negativity at the shop keep her from doing her best as the manager.

Sky gets jealous.

The gang goes to a local food market and they are intrigued and disgusted at the same time as they see live octopuses, spiders and even worms for sale.

Teddy wants to try to eat some of what they see.

Donna ends up saving one of the lives of the octopuses and names him “Octy.”

Kitty and Teddy bond and eat some noodles together. Sky looks on in jealousy because she and Teddy used to have a thing back in the past.

In a green screen interview, Sky says Teddy is off limits to Kitty.

Ted and Sky get a plate of live octopus and both try it. Teddy regrets it immediately and goes walks off to throw up.

Donna gives Octy to a parking lot attendant.

Bae has another emotional moment.

Bae and the gang go to the place she, her sister and her mother would hide when they needed to get away from her father. It’s a deserted shipping container.

They peek inside and see that it’s trashed. Bae’s mother is not there.

Bae says she lived there when she was 13 for two years. The gang is shocked that she survived those living conditions.

“This makes me sad.” – Bae

She starts crying because she can’t locate her mother. Sky suggests they regroup and keep trying.

The ladies go to a spa to relax and talk.

Bae tells them that she reached out to a private investigator to locate her mother.

She gets a phone call and goes outside to answer it.

Sky tells Donna that she saw Kit and Teddy being way too close.

“I don’t like it.” – Sky

Sky asks f Donna saw something between them and didn’t tell her. Donna says she heard that Teddy and Kitty kissed when they were in Puerto Rico.

Donna instantly regrets telling Sky what she heard and Sky calls Kitty easy.

On the way to B Boy dancing, Sky asks Kitty if she kissed Teddy.

Kitty denies this and Sky then starts yelling at Kitty and Teddy.

“You don’t think I should feel any type of way right now?” – Sky

Sky ends up socking Teddy in the side of his face and warns him to never disrespect her. He’s in shock and can’t believe she just did this.

She tells him to act normal when they get inside of the B Boy dancing building.

When inside, Sky flirts with a man she meets there. She ends up twerking on him.

When Donna decides they should leave the B Boy dance place because Bae doesn’t seem to be feeling it, Donna gets sick to her stomach and starts gagging.

Teddy and Bae ask her if she’s pregnant. Donna says she doubts it and Teddy suggests she picks up a pregnancy test.

Young Bae learns some shocking news.

They go to the store and buy Donna a pregnancy test.

When they get back to the hotel, Donna says she doesn’t want to take the test but Bae tells her she will take a test with her.

Donna agrees to this.

Donna learns that she is not pregnant when she sees one line.

However, Bae has two lines on her stick.

“There’s no f*cking way.” – Bae

“Bae, you’re pregnant.” Teddy

“What the…no!!!!” – Bae

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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