Wendy Williams Calls out Kandi Burruss

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lots of folks are still talking about last week’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

During the episode, Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker decided to get even with Porsha after they invited her to Kandi’s Essence cover party.

And many feel like the move was childish…including Wendy Williams.

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  1. Kandi’s time on the show needs to end. Especially if all she’s going to do is sit back and sic her crew on Porsha. They should replace her with Eva.

    1. Why does Kandi need to leave the show when she’s one of the few who is actually married? Porsha is the one who started this and she’s not some victim! Maybe Kandi needs to sue her so you guys can remember what she did!

      1. Now wait a minute, I could have sworn that back when Kenya wasn’t fake married, you and the rest of Team Twirl said she had a right to be on the show despite not being married and being married meant nothing. Now it’s the first thing y’all are bragging about, just like your fraudulent fave. Let me guess, like Kenya, y’all now believe this very fake marriage validates her. Well I’m glad you all are no longer trying to hide your hypocrisy and insecurities. It really did bother y’all that Kenya was single (and still is). By the way, what does Kandi herself actually bring to the show besides her marital status? LOL.

      2. Kandi needs to keep it moving she is spending too much energy on something that is over and done with. Maybe this the only story line that she has going for her. WOW…too bad, so sad. As for her peeps they don’t have a story line these are the one tat should not have a speaking part.

  2. I completely agree with everything Wendy said. I think Kandi thought people were going to like how she did Porsha but she turned a lot of people off. It was beyond childish.

  3. I don’t get why people are coming for Kandi when Porsha is the one who slandered her. She has every right to not rush into being friends with her again. Remember that Kandi was the one who employed Porsha in one of her plays and held her down while Phaedra was calling her dumb behind her back. Kandi has every right to feel the way she does.

    1. She does have every right to still be mad. However she is beginning to look like a bully. She invited her there to be messy.If she truly winning and Porsha is negative energy for Kandi and her crew why invite negative energy into your space?

  4. No matter how you slice it, this was a bad look for Kandi. Add that to the fact that Kandi literally has her whole crew going after Porsha too. People really aren’t feeling her actions this season.

  5. Ain’t nobody gotta feel sympathy for Kandi’s crybaby a-s. She’s messy as f-ck and loves it when her minions do all her dirty work so she can pretend to be above the bullsh-t when she isn’t.

  6. Wendy needs to rewatch the previous season because Kandi is the one who was completely lied on. And you don’t lie about rape. That’s too serious to play with. Porsha should have been fired right along with Phaedra.

    1. The person who made the allegation of rape was fired. Porsha was just told this and mentioned it to Kandi. She didn’t come out saying that until someone else lied to her. Now, if Kandi doesn’t like Porsha or want her around she should exclude her and not be in her presence. But to invite someone somewhere and then demean and mistreat them is rude, classless and childish. I like Kandi but, she isn’t an angel. She’s said and done stuff to others too. Furthermore, her mom has done just as worse as Phaedra or Porsha when it comes to spreading rumors and lies to ruin a person’s reputation and Kandi just sat there a stayed quiet and complicit.

  7. Well if I recall correctly, Kandi was actually the one who used the word “rape”. Porsha nor Phaedra ever used that term, so this whole “rape” accusation was actually started by her with the use of the word. My thing is, if she doesn’t want to be bothered with Porsha why invite her? Why not do what Nene did when she had her party at her home and simply DO NOT extend the invitation. It’s getting stupid now, but to be honest, Porsha IS Kandi’s story line because she has nothing of interest going on

  8. Never thought I’d see day to agree with Wendy, but Kandi is so irritating as can me. She acts silly with always grinning about everything. I think Mama Joyce is so right that Todd is not even into Kandi but she’s too dumb to see it.

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