Watch: Sky Thinks Young Bae is Lying About Her Mother

The majority of the “Black Ink Crew” cast is in Korea in part to help Young Bae find her mother.

Bae has expressed on multiple occasions that her father abused her mother and threatened to harm her.

Young Bae also was thrown for a loop when she found out with Donna and Teddy that she is pregnant.

But Sky, who has had issues of her own with her mom and kids, begins to question Young Bae’s story.

In a clip for the upcoming episode, Sky says she feels like Bae is lying because they haven’t met any of her family.

Look, I feel bad for saying this but, it’s sounding really hard to believe that your mom is missing first, now you’re pregnant. And we haven’t met anyone from your life while we’re out here.

I haven’t met your best friend, your mother’s cousin, someone you went to school with…your teacher. Something’s not adding up.

All of this sh*t sounds like a movie I watched on Netflix!

Check out the preview below.

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  1. Sky should know since she’s been lying for a storyline for the last couple of seasons. Let’s talk about those twins she never had, or how she was forced to give her her kids for adoption when she actually wasn’t. Girl sit all the way down!

  2. Sh-t I think Bae is lying too. That doesn’t change the fact that Sky ain’t sh-t and she lied like f-ck about her kids. They aren’t twins and she lied about having just one baby daddy. So she really can’t say sh-t about Bae.

  3. All of them lie for a storyline. Especially Ceaser’s a-s. Kitty already said their relationship was fake last year.

  4. Dutchess already called the whole show out for the manufactured storylines,so anything is possible. But Skyy should be the last to speak on anybody else’s situation when she built hers on a foundation of lies.

  5. This show was much better when it was real. Now it’s a scripted mess with fake a-s people. I miss Puma, Sassy hell even Dutchess. I def don’t get why so many people like Bae.

    1. Her and Lovely Mimi make me cringe. Asian women trying so hard to be ghetto because they are desperate to appeal to a black audience and get reality tv money. Just yuck all around.

  6. I thought young bae story sounded like a lie. At the same time this show is fake. They do more partying or fighting than actually doing a tattoo.

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