RHOA Recap: More Tea on Will Makes Cynthia Break Down in Tears + Kim Annoys the Group

Porsha tells Cynthia about what she heard about Will.

She tells Cynthia that he is an opportunist who is actually known in Atlanta for dating someone else.

She also tells Cynthia that Will told people that Cynthia is nothing but an opportunity to him.

Cynthia breaks down in tears.

Kim gets angry and says everyone needs to mind their business and leave Cynthia and Will alone.

“I want Cynthia to follow her heart.” – Kim

Cynthia and Will leave the party together and talk on the ride back home.

She tells Will that Porsha said he told someone that Cynthia was just an opportunity.

He denies this and says he’s good on his own financially and doesn’t need her to pay his bills.

“I’ve told you everything. I’m learning how to be with you and this is what I get.” – Will

He is starting to wonder what he signed up for.

Porsha has a sit down with Mama Joyce.

After Mama Joyce tells Porsha she wants to talk at Kandi’s Essence cover event, they meet up at a restaurant the next day.

Mama Joyce tells Porsha that Kandi doesn’t know they are meeting and she wants to know if Porsha really thought what Phaedra said about Kandi was the truth.

Porsha says she wasn’t thinking about it but she took what Phaedra said seriously because she’s an attorney and they were close friends.

She feels it was evil for Phaedra to lie to her about something like that.

The conversation then turns into Mama Joyce’s frustration with Phaedra for hooking Kandi up with Todd.

Mama Joyce says she didn’t like the fact that Phaedra introduced Kandi to Todd instead of another attorney. When Porsha points out that things actually ended up working out for Todd and Kandi regardless, Mama Joyce claps back.

“Kandi took a lemon and made it lemonade.” – Mama Joyce

Mama Joyce is understanding of Porsha’s side of things and tells Porsha that Kandi isn’t as cold as she seems.

Porsha wants to make things right and Mama Joyce encourages her to keep trying with Kandi.

NeNe and Cynthia meet for dinner.

They discuss the Will situation.

NeNe says she’s very over protective of Cynthia and she doesn’t want Will to use her.

Cynthia admits she probably got excited too fast about Will.

“I don’t think he’s using you but I just want you to be aware.” – NeNe

They then start discussing Peter and Cynthia says that she and Peter are not getting back together.

Cynthia says she may take a quick break from Will and she wants to go to Barcelona with NeNe and the rest of the girls.

Cynthia asks NeNe to cohost the trip with her.

“I want all the girls to come. Do we invite your new bestie Eva?” – Cynthia

The only person NeNe doesn’t really want to come is Kim.

Kenya and her cousin Che go to the doctor’s office. Kenya is six weeks late and possibly pregnant.

She tells Che that she is having s*x twice a day with Marc.

Kenya has decided to pass on the Barcelona trip due to all the negativity she’s been having with the ladies lately.

“My priority is my family.” – Kenya

Her urine test is inconclusive so she will have to await the blood test results to find out if she’s pregnant.

She heads to the airport to me reunited with Marc.

Porsha’s vegan chef comes by again to have her taste some new dishes.

Porsha is planning a “no beef dinner” for all of them.

Cynthia meets up with Peter at a restaurant.

She tells him she heard he was at Kandi’s event and he left without speaking.

This bothers Cynthia.

“I don’t like the way it made me feel.”  – Cynthia

Peter says she was on a date and he didn’t want to interrupt.

She says she doesn’t know if she should have introduced them but Peter says he’s not interested.

“He looks like your type.” – Peter

They flirt a little after he tells her she’s still very attractive.

Cynthia informs him about what the girls are saying about Will.

He tells her that people are just trying to look out for her.

“Why are you so defensive? Why don’t you receive it?” – Peter

However, he tells her not to stress out about it.

After Cynthia says she would come up and speak if she saw Peter with a woman, Peter says he moved to avoid seeing her with other men.

“Are you my friend?” – Cynthia

“Give me about ten years.” – Peter

They share a laugh.

Porsha has her dinner with the girls.

When Marlo walks up to Porsha’s home, she complains that the door mat is too small and maybe Porsha “doesn’t know any better.”

She also think it’s ridiculous that Porsha has white drapery at the table because it’s not a baby shower.

She also brings meat to the vegan dinner.

Sheree, Kim and Shamea also come by. Kenya, Kandi and NeNe turned down the invite.

They all have drinks on the back patio and Marlo says that she also met Will while he was dating someone else.

Cynthia arrives shortly after.

Marlo doesn’t waste any time and brings up Will.

Cynthia says the only thing she cares about is whether Will is single now and he is.

Cynthia admits that it got worse for her when Porsha then told her what she also heard about Will.

The vegan chef comes out to hand over all the food.

Cynthia tells them that she saw Peter the other day. They tell her they feel she’s still in love with him.

Marlo interrupts the conversation with a loud burp.

Cynthia is thankful thanks to the fact that the subject will change from Peter now.

She then tells everyone that she is planning a girls trip to Barcelona.

Kim is then asked if she has to bring Kroy and this upsets Kim because she doesn’t want to fly without him on a ten hour flight given that she’s had health issues before while flying.

“He’s my husband, I don’t know what the issue is.” – Kim

Cynthia says she doesn’t mind Kim bringing Kroy if she wants.

The next day the ladies prepare for the trip. NeNe tells Cynthia that Kim not coming because she doesn’t want to be without Kroy.

“He’s getting some new booty implants installed in his a*s.” – NeNe

Sheree and Porsha call Kim and she confirms she doesn’t want to go to Barcelona without Kroy.

Cynthia tells NeNe that Kenya isn’t going because she wants to spend time with Marc.

In a green screen interview, Kandi says that Kim always wants to break the rules and if she can’t go to Barcelona without Kroy, she should stay home.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. I agree with Kandi. If Kim can’t go anywhere without having her chauffeur Kroy around and that tacky red cup, maybe she should just stick to her show anyone barely watches. I’m so over her.

    1. Agreed. And she has the nerve to think she makes the show when she can’t even crack a million viewers an episode on her own show. Bye Wig!

  2. I don’t know about you guys but this episode was so much better and somewhat positive without Kenya around, that negative energy she brings just wasn’t there. I also agree that Kim should just leave the show she doesn’t fit in with the cast and she has no storyline I truly don’t even believe she’s friends with anybody.

  3. I really don’t understand why Kim is on the show. She can’t do anything without having Kroy wait outside in the car for her. She should just stick to her show with her family.

  4. I was happy to see Mama Joyce was level headed and understanding towards Porsha. She needed to be able to express and explain herself. Hopefully soon, Kandi will be as understanding and forgiving. I don’t believe Kenya was pregnant. What doctor holds a consultation over the phone? That was scripted nonsense. Furthermore, Kenya is lying saying she didn’t want to go to Barcelona. From what I’ve read, she wasn’t able to go bc of getting married secretively. I hope that the drama is at a minimum on the trip bc I truly enjoyed seeing everyone getting along.

  5. Something about this season just isn’t doing it for me. I don’t know if it’s because Phaedra left or if I just don’t care about any of these storylines. I really hope it gets good next week. I do like the addition of Eva for sure.

  6. I stop watching, since they let Phedra go because she lie,she was ruining Kandi brand, because she accused her of rape?. The show is ruining there Brand. Kandi is a horrible friend and person. Kenya should have been gone, The show is stupid now

    1. The ladies do all act like they’re in high school, there’s always some kind of crap going on someone not speaking to someone, holding grudges. I’ve gotten bored with them all. Cynthia is a lame crying about some man she barely knows anyone else would have read that dude for points. Kenya is phony, she knew darn well she would have ran & got a test from the drug store if she even thought, she was pregnant, no way would 6 weeks go by & she didn’t go get a test or two
      at 47 she’s done she’s not having a baby. Kim needs to stay home, Porsha go on and be the fat girl you are and Nene is nobody’s friend.

  7. I hate to say this but Cynthia is STUPID.If you are crying over this man you’re wasting your time.He gets so defensive when you ask him questions(Is she not picking up on that?Looks to me she still has feeling for peter[but not marriage]This dude is not being real with her,she seems desperate to me…Just Saying.If they don’t have a title why be so emotional about his BULLSH-T…

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