Moniece and Lil Fizz Fall out Again, Moniece Puts Him on Blast

On the last season of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” Moniece clashed with her girlfriend AD’s former bestie Tiffany.

Now rumor has it that Lil Fizz and Tiffany are dating.

However, Moniece is convinced the twosome are messing around just to have a storyline and get under her skin.

She’s been going back and forth on social media with Tiffany but Moniece took to Instagram Live to break everything down for her followers and put Fizz on blast.

Here’s what she had to say:

And for me I just feel like I don’t understand why you would put me in these positions. There has to be a reason and it’s not a good one. And I think you want to see me lose my cool so you can take my son.

But what kind of man does that? That sh*t is f*cking crazy. And I’m afraid to shoot scenes with him because I’m afraid of what I’m gonna do.

Moniece also said that she’s done trying to protect Fizz:

And as you guys have seen throughout the years, no matter how bad he’s dogged me out on TV, no matter all the lies he told about the custody stuff. No matter how…regardless of all of that, I’ve always had his back. Always. And I just feel like I don’t want to anymore.

I feel like telling the truth about who he really is and how he really operates. And there’s things that are for the protection of my son that I won’t disclose, but in November, my family went through a very difficult situation with Drew. And I’m floored that he would do what he’s doing. I would think that he would want to tread lightly. And that’s all I’m going to say. So he’s pretty bold for pulling this stunt. But it makes him super p*ssy and now I’m not gonna protect him anymore.

I’m not gonna protect him anymore. And when it comes time for me to shoot these scenes with him, I’m gonna tell the truth about who he is, how he gets down and how he operates. And how wack he really is, period.

She also revealed that she hasn’t been filming as a result of the drama:

I have not been filming. I saw a lot of people say ‘Oh, it must be time for filming.’ It is time. The new season is filming.  have personally chosen not to participate. I’ve literally only shot one scene. They’ve been filming for almost a month. And that’s because I just needed to take a minute and take care of myself. Take care of my mental health. I’m in intense therapy because this is a lot…

Check out the video below:

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  1. How is Moniece any better when she has faked relationships in the past for a storyline too (Rich and now AD)? Just saying.

    1. She’s not. A reality show is the last thing she should be doing. If she feels like filming is too much, why not leave the show and get yourself together?

  2. The truth always come to light and people will see. Women are always quick to believe the “she crazy” lie the baby daddy tells. These black men out here abusing and mentally messing up our young black women and instead of fighting for them we joining teams with these lying and controlling BDs. Black women are abused mentally from childhood to adulthood by family, friends and lovers and when they have a beak everyone turns the other cheek and blames her for what she’s been through.

  3. Oh please. Why is Moniece never responsible for her own actions? This is the same woman who likes bragging about fighting on television. Fizz may be messy but Moniece is not and never has been a saint. It’s crazy how manipulative she is with viewers. Somehow she’s always the victim who always uses mental illness as a cop out. If she’s so mentally ill, why do this negative a-s show in the first place?

  4. I was under the impression that just about everyone on these shows now does things just to have a storyline, Moniece included. Just because Fizz may have fake hooked up with Moniece’s latest enemy doesn’t mean she has to give him what he wants and act a fool over it. She can actually play it smart and be unbothered. By doing that, Fizz wouldn’t have a storyline. But being mad about it just helped him and gave him a storyline.

  5. I remember when Tank did an interview about how Moniece assaulted, stalked and harassed him after he told her he didn’t want to date her anymore. She even got on IG and threatened to beat up his fiancee/wife who was minding her business. Moniece is crazy, violent and she was an absentee mother for the first half of her son’s life by choice. And she also is racist towards dark skinned women. I did read on here that post when she said her son is beautiful because he has European features and doesn’t have “nappy hair.” Let’s also not forget that she called Brandi’s son ugly and she called Brandi, a darker skinned woman a monkey. She also dragged black people and said we needed to be raised with a more “caucasian mentality.” She also made fun of the fact that Princess struggled to get pregnant. So no, I’m not going to forget that just because she’s trying to play victim here. All black folk ain’t kinfolk. Moniece is a racist, evil, violent piece of sh-t as far as I’m concerned. This woman has issues but screams mental illness when someone gives her the sh-t she gives right back. There are real victims out here but I won’t confuse them with messy Love & Hip Hop stars like Moniece. She can manipulate some but she damn sure won’t manipulate me.

  6. Anonymous @ 2:48pm pretty much summarized why I do not feel sorry for Moniece. She had done and said some of the most evil things. No sympathy over here whatsoever.

  7. I’m all for solidarity among black women, but not for a black woman who hates black women. Hell Moniece hates blackness and has said some really offensive stuff that white racists would applaud. I did not forget at all. I have no dog in this fight. I don’t like Moniece and don’t care about Fizz.

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