Watch: Quad Webb-Lunceford Tells Greg She’s Not Having His Children + Talks Divorce

Quad and Greg look for counsel from their married friends to aid them through their marital woes.

However, even they couldn’t help the couple on the upcoming episode.

In fact, Quad is now refusing to have children with Greg.

Here’s what she told him in a green screen interview:

The way that you make me feel and the way that way you treat me, we will never…and the way you talk to me, we will never be able to have a child.

You will never be able to get that gift from me because I refuse to bring a child into a household that that’s in strife.

While around their married friends, Quad revealed that divorce is on the table:

So the solution is what? Either we’re gonna stay together and make it work or we’re gonna be out of this. And I’ma go and let you be free so you can be happy and maybe you can get a second wife who can give you everything that you need and be who you need her to be.

Maybe I’m not that woman, okay?

This angers Greg who then goes off:

That’s bullsh*t. F*ck these tears.

After he gets up and walks away, Quad asks their friends the following:

I’m supposed to be in love with that?

Check out the video below:

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  1. Yeah this was very hard to watch. I don’t want to say they can’t come back from this but things have gotten really bad for them.

  2. Quad is always the victim. And she’s making sure that Greg looks crazy this season so she can file for divorce once the season is over and won’t get judged.

    1. Quad is so non specific. What is she trying to say Greg is not giving her for doing for her. She’s like jello, talks in circles, no specifics. “Not fulfilling my emotions needs???” what is that??? I think she is a big manipulator. She wants to be spoiled and not have to do anything. She doesn’t work, so what’s wrong with her keeping up the home. She really wants a maid.

  3. But Quad didn’t want to have kids way before this. I think that’s my issue with her. She never likes to tell the complete truth.

  4. Quad has never wanted kids with Greg. When the show first started, she said she didn’t want kids yet because she wanted to focus on her career. He accepted that and sat back and let her do her. Now that her career is popping, she’s over him and the marriage. I’m not saying Greg is blameless, but Quad has been making excuses to not have kids from day one.

  5. If she feels she can’t have kids with him, then she needs to let him go so he can be with someone who wants to. No need for all these tears every five minutes. She does not love this man. That’s clear. Time to move on.

  6. I gotta cosign the people who said Quad didn’t want kids wth Greg way before this. I think Quad has a habit of being way too dramatic at times. She did it last week when Mariah and Simone called her out on the yacht. Now I do think Greg has a lot of issues which make me question how this marriage has lasted as long as it has, but she wasn’t trying to have his kids anyway.

    1. No, she wasn’t trying to have his children and that was wrong cause she should have told him, it’s not fair to have wasted 8 years & still have to start over with someone new. Her karma is coming for her.

  7. I think Jackie’s situation had a trickle down effect on all the other couples. It has magnified all their issues and everyone is thinking about divorcing.

  8. For a psychiatrist Greg is clueless regarding Quad’s feelings as well as an insensitive clod. For him to berate Quad every chance he gets whenever they’re seen together shows that he has no respect for her and is childish himself. So why should she have his child? Quad is being smart not to have a child by a man, thinking that it will help bring them closer together. Greg is more concerned about passing on his genes than getting his marriage in the right track.

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