Love & Hip Hop Miami Recap: Malik Frustrates Prince with Homophobic Comments

Baby Blue vents to Lil Scrappy.

Both Scrappy and Baby Blue are hanging out. Baby Blue is still feeling some kind of way about his blowup with Pleasure P.

Scrappy says he came to Miami to get his mind right. Baby Blue then tells him that he is working with Shay and Scrappy says he just had another fall out with her.

He explains that Shay doesn’t like that he’s working with Chinese Nicky and Chinese Kitty.

However, Scrappy doesn’t see an issue since he’s a single man.

Baby Blue then tells Scrappy that Shay used to date Pleasure P.

This news surprises and Baby Blue doesn’t understand why Shay didn’t tell him.

Eventually, Baby Blue invites Scrappy to Shay’s boot camp event. He agrees to show up.

Bobby comes to Trick Daddy’s podcast.

Trick Daddy has a podcast with Supa Cindy. Bobby comes by to share his new single. He brings Miami Tip with him for support.

Trick tells him that the song is hot and he’s happy Bobby is open about his s*xuality. He tells Bobby he believes multiple rappers in the business are gay.

Bobby says he wants to be real and he isn’t afraid to be himself.

Trick also tells him to also consider writing music for others too.

Bobby is happy that Trick is supportive of what he’s doing.

Even though Trina isn’t in his corner at the moment, Trick’s approval means a lot too.

“I respect the fact that he’s always true to himself.” – Trick

At this point, Trick leaves, and Supa Cindy asks Bobby if Trina supports him and Bobby says Trina wants to be the only famous one in the family.

This irritates Tip because she doesn’t want to be involved in their beef. She says that Bobby has never given Trina an opportunity to support him.

In a green screen interview, Bobby says Tip has some nerve. However, she’s defended Trina in the past.

He says Trina is making a huge mistake not supporting him because he’s going to blow up one day.

After they wrap up the podcast, Bobby asks her why Tip defended Trina during the podcast.

She says Trina has been supportive of her career and she’s not about to miss her chance to get out of the strip club.

Tip reminds him that she’s paying for his and her studio time. She also has to take care of all her family members too. So she does’t think Bobby has a right to be mad, eventually breaking down in tears.

In a green screen interview, she says her goal was to get out of the strip club before her son was old enough to understand what she does for a living.

Bobby gets emotional and says that being a gay rapper is stressful. But he does appreciate that she has been having his back. He understands that going at Trina puts Tip in a compromising situation.

He apologizes and they hug it out.

Trina and Joy talk about their love lives.

Joy is happy that the divorce with Trick is happening.

Trina says that things are going good with Raymond. She’s not ready to make things too serious out of fear of ruining the friendship.

Joy then says things are good with Pleasure P but Trina says she needs to keep things platonic and not rush into another relationship.

Joy tells Trina that she should give Bobby an opportunity to promote himself.

“I’m not taking no for an answer.” – Joy

Trina isn’t interested in going to Bobby’s single release party but says she will think about it.

Prince gets even with Michelle.

Michelle Pooch is taking a chance at doing music and Malik says he supports her.

She has a listening party.

He tells Michelle that he’s officially out of the closet and dating Jeffrey.

Prince shows up to the party to cause drama.

The DJ plays her song as Prince walks in.

He has drummers and dancers come in and interrupt the event.

This angers Michelle.

“What the f*ck?” – Michelle

She tells him to take his people and leave. Prince says he has no idea what she’s talking about.

In a green screen interview, he declares himself as the winner of their war.

Malik is upset because he feels like Prince used him to get even with Michelle. He’s now regretting telling Prince that he’s gay.

Prince says that he had no idea Malik would even be there.

Malik says he can’t be associated with the gay dancers that came with Prince’s performers. He’s worried about his reputation taking a hit.

“So y’all hired gays and f*gs to vogue and all that? That’s what y’all into?” – Malik

“Damn, that’s kind of rude, bro.” – Prince

Prince tells the offended crowd not to worry about Malik’s homophobic insults because he’s gay himself.

In a green screen interview, Prince says he finds it weird that he has to apologize for Malik’s homophobic words when he’s a straight man and Malik is gay.

At this point, Malik starts yelling at Prince but Prince still claims he wouldn’t have crashed Michelle’s party if he knew Malik was going to be there.

Jeffrey and Gabby have a modeling gig.

They have a swimsuit shoot.

Miami Tip comes by to talk. She brings up Bobby and says that he feels bad about assaulting Jeffrey.

She invites him to Bobby’s single release party.

“It would mean the world to Bobby.” – Tip

Jeffrey says going to the party may give him closure.

He tells her he will think about it.

Shay clashes with Scrappy.

Shay officially launched her fitness line with a boot camp event a boot camp. Baby Blue helped Shay put on the event.

Michelle Pooch and Baby Blue are also in attendance. During the event, Shay gets blindsided by Scrappy showing up, and when Scrappy walks in, Shay throws some shade at his weight.

“His fat a*s should be in the class.” – Shay

He speaks to Shay and she’s not happy to see him, especially since he’s still working with Chinese Kitty and Chinese Nicky.

She tells him he messed everything between them like he always does because he’s not loyal.

Scrappy brings up the fact that she didn’t tell him she was dealing with Pleasure P.

She says she isn’t dealing with Pleasure and wasn’t dealing with Pleasure when he asked her.

They then start arguing.

Shay tells Scrappy she’s done with him.

“I don’t want to be here!” – Scrappy

“So get the f*ck out!” – Shay

Scrappy says he doesn’t care about her event anyway and storms out.

Baby Blue tells Shay she has to calm down and Shay tells Michelle that the exchange made her feel awkward.

Then he tells her to apologize to Scrappy but she refuses. She says she cares about Scrappy but she’s over his lack of loyalty.

She eventually goes outside to talk to Scrappy. Baby Blue comes outside and tells both of them to hug and talk about it another day.

“Tell her you love her and stop playing, man!” – Baby Blue

Scrappy apologizes. When Shay asks if he’s going to keep working with Chinese Kitty and Chinese Nicky, he doesn’t answer.

At this point, Scrappy annoyed Shay, and now feels that she still can’t trust him.

Trina shows up to Bobby’s listening party.

He’s thrilled to see her.

He hops on the stage to introduce his new song, “Way Up.”

He performs the track as Trina, Joy and Miami Tip watch. In a green screen interview, Trina says she’s proud of Bobby.

“Maybe superstardom runs in our blood.” – Trina

Bobby hopes Trina will start to support him more in the future.

Supa Cindy comes by and tells Trina what Bobby said on the podcast. Trina gets angry and decides to confront him.

“This reminds me of exactly why I don’t deal with him.” – Trina

They start arguing and Trina tells him he’s beneath her and always will be. She storms out of the party.

In a green screen interview, Trina says they can’t be cool until he stops being “so extra.”

 After Trina leaves, Bobby asks Miami Tip what Supa Cindy said to Trina. While Bobby is told of Cindy’s disloyalty, Bobby’s mood changes when Jeffrey walks in.

He says he still supports Bobby and he wants bygones to be bygones. Eventually, he and Bobby hug.

“Let’s just move forward and see what happens.” – Jeffrey

Bobby says he was trying to make his career happen to give them a better life.

“I don’t think you understood how much I loved you, Jeffrey you just don’t.” – Bobby

Jeffrey says he understands and he’s happy he came by.

Malik breaks up with Jeffrey.

Jeffrey gets home from Bobby’s party, he finds his things outside.

He angrily asks Malik what’s the issue and he says friends told him Jeffrey was at Bobby’s listening party.

Jeffrey says it’s not a big deal and he went to apologize.

Malik says he was wrong and he shouldn’t go hang out with an ex and come back home to him like nothing happened.

“It wasn’t even like that!” – Jeffrey

In a green screen interview, Jeffrey says he’s a grown man and he can do what he wants.

He says this behavior is why he had to leave Bobby alone.

“I put my life on the line for your a*s!” – Malik

At the end of the episode, Malik tells Jeffrey he doesn’t deserve him and he should go back to Bobby. Jeffrey gets angry and leaves.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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    1. You’d be surprised. It’s the same reasons there are actually some gays out here who are okay with supporting homophobes. Self hate is real.

  1. I know Bobby is a bit much at times but Malik is definitely a downgrade. You can see he hates being gay. I don’t know why Jeffrey thought that would work out. There would have been some major issues down the line anyway since he’s a homophobe.

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