LHHMIA Recap: Eliza & Florence Put Safaree on Blast Amid His New Engagement to Amara

LHHMIA Season 5 Episode 25
Photo Credit: Vh1

During the season finale of “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta,” Amara accepts Safaree’s marriage proposal. Unfortunately, the engagement came with controversy. During a showcase for Brooke, Florence approaches Amara, informing her about her time in the studio with Safaree. She tells Amara that Safaree was focused on more than working on a song. Then Eliza confronts Safaree, who sent her texts asking to see her and a risqué video. Amara asks about the video, and Safaree ends up walking off.

Meanwhile, Trick joins Trina’s boyfriend Swurv at Trina’s Rockstarr Music Festival. This is as Trick’s son Jay and Zoey Brinxx performed to resounding success. After the festival, Zoey hashes things out with Bigg D, and Bigg D allows the songs they made together to appear on her album.

Fabo and Shay’s final sit-down with Sandra doesn’t go well, and they storm off with Shay uninviting Sandra from her wedding.

Lastly, Princess tells Amara about her divorce from Ray J, and Ray J vents to Safaree and Trick about the ups and downs of marriage.

Here’s the recap for “Nasty Work.”

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  1. Man I mean Trick looked like he was ready to lay swurv out. Shay you problem is your problem so stop coming on national television with it. Amara sorry but you’ve been warned about Safaree. Is Ray J divorce serious this time?

    1. All good questions but Eliza was lame for that. She could have pulled her to the side. At least Florence tried to be classy and that says a lot for her

  2. Eliza is jealous, he asked Amara for her hand & put a ring on it/ All Eliza got was what he gives anyone,
    she’s not special and that’s why she acted out like she did. I don’t get it she wasn’t even a side chick
    why is she so mad? These women are crazy all of them have lame men and now you wanna save someone, so you bust Amara’s bubble. Safari wasn’t engaged when he played you ladies.

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