Sky’s Son Genesis & Father Go off on Instagram Critics

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By: A.J. Niles

Sky’s Son Genesis has been arguably the biggest topic on this season of “Black Ink Crew.” All season, people have levied their opinion on the subject and chosen sides between Genesis and Sky.

Critics of Genesis feel that Genesis’ father had been saying bad things about Sky to Genesis, altering his opinion. Well, his father Big Reez and Genesis apparently had enough. In fact, they clapped back at one such person recently on Instagram.

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  1. Sky’s son clearly doesn’t like the fact that she’s been caught lying about the situation. That makes him feel like he can’t trust her. Sky should own that and admits she hasn’t been completely truthful.

  2. I think Genesis is old enough to form his own opinions about Sky and he has. Saying that he can’t and his father is in his head is insulting. And also a way of removing any blame from Sky.

  3. Some kids will always resent their birth parents for putting them up for adoption. That is the root of Genesis’ hate for Sky. He gives his father a pass because he knows his father was never in the know about any of it.

  4. Sky’s stans need to let this young man be. Especially when they don’t ever hold her accountable for anything.

  5. that boy be crazy mad for even raising a hand to his mother wat the heck ???who does that … matter the pain and resentment thats just wrong dead wrong yall make it seem like his pain is okay for his stupid tantrums no its not …you fool dats your mum …we dont get to choose our parents …there pple with worse mothers but he had no damn right to want to fight her its stupid you hear me stupid smh …pple be looking for their mothers all their lives and we never find them and a n-gga get mad coz he was put up for adoption …wahts this world coming to ….

    1. I feel you but I don’t think he sees Sky as his mother. She was never there for him. And tbh, you’re more mad at him than Sky is. Sky understands why he’s hurt. She gets it. And I’m sure they will be able to talk things out when the time is right.

    2. Unless you’re adopted you may not understand. You absolutely cannot tell an adopted person how to feel.

    3. Girl hush! The word mother is reserved for women who actually are playing active roles in their child’s life. Secondly as a parent if you want respect you have to actually be there for your child mentally physically. You can’t just abandon your child and show up 15 years later expecting to respect. Maan I’m clearly wasting my time even saying all this shyt it’s common sense you just sound ignorant!

      He don’t owe Sky shyt and she out here getting plastic surgery while he’s in and out of jail honestly I would have probably gotten physical to with my mom if it was like that.

  6. For some people Sky can do no wrong. Her son isn’t going to come around until she is finally truthful about what really happened. The ball is in her court.

  7. He needs his a-s whooped and with that attitude he won’t be good for to long, sh-t happens move forward but you can’t even talk to this little tough guy wannabe.

    1. You do know you just described Sky here as well, right? You Sky stans are a trip. You bash this man for his anger issues (which were caused by Sky) but never call Sky out on hers. But I shouldn’t be surprised. Y’all never call her out for anything.

  8. Sky owe him the truth, nothing but the truth. He is hurt, and se how she acts. Her actions tells you the truth. He see right through her. Just own yp that you were not a good parent, because you did not know how because of how your mom was. Sky needs to sit down and big raw, she is always calling someone out on bull sh-t. Well look at the ,day in the mirror. Write your son a letter and or go and do some counseling. Reach out to hum, what does he like to do, see if you can help in go to school, learn a trade. Do something positive with his life, Maybe move him your area in a little apartment or something and take baby steps. All those years you never reached out. But you are on tv and showing your a-s, and t-ts, I would be ashamed to call you mom, more like slut. Now you are looking for a sperm donor and you could not even take care of your current kids and you want to have more. work on that relationship before you screw up another life. Sterilization is what you need. Son, with that name make good things happen for you, that is the best revenge is to do well. I hop e they can repair the relationship only if she tells the truth. Wishing you the best young man, you are not a victim but a survivor.

  9. sky didn’t want them kids and she still don’t that she hurts that’s some heavy pain she needed a story line even her son. could see that 15 years she on TV while them kids out there trying to survive it’s sad sky u a poor excuse for a mother

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