Iyanla Vanzant Claps Back at Karrueche Tran and Manager Jacob York

Recently, Iyanla Vanzant sat down for an interview with Madame Noire. During the interview, Iyanla claimed the accusations brought up against her by Karrueche and her manager Jacob York were lies. In fact, she says she was the one who ended the session early. Apparently, Iyanla did not like the vibes Jacob gave off in dictating what Karrueche would and would not answer.

Madame Noire writes:

With the fifth season of Fix My Life returning to OWN this March, I asked Iyanla how she felt about these accusations that’ve been heralded against her. Before I could even finish my question she said in no certain terms the allegations were lies.

“I told Karrueche Tran last July at the Essence Music Festival she never raised that issue with me,” Iyanla explained during a phone interview. “They came to Fix My Life to expose her. They wanted her to become a Kim Kardashian through her exposure on my show. It didn’t work because they forgot who I am. They thought they were going to come in my show and run their program and they didn’t.

“In the middle of the interview, when [Jacob] started giving directions about what I could and couldn’t say — this was not Karrueche, this is her manager — I don’t know, maybe she has a little more cojones now, but he’s making her career for her. What is Karrueche and what’s him?”

When Jacob spoke to Angie, he claimed he told Iyanla to leave when she began asking Karrueche questions that made her uncomfortable, but the TV host said she walked away from the taping on her own volition.

“[He]came in the room and started directing about what she couldn’t answer — I left! She didn’t leave, I left! So tell him if he’s going to tell it, tell it all! I am not the one to lie on. I am not the one. If he wants to have a public discussion of that we can do that; don’t lie on me.”

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  1. Karrueche obviously did the interview to advance herself. So I still don’t understand why her and her manager are mad at Iyanla. I mean it worked. Look at where she went from there.

  2. Oh please. They all used each other. Iyanla used them for ratings, Kae and Jacob used her for PR. None of them are innocent.

  3. I don’t understand why people hate Karrueche’s manager so much. I mean he could have had her out here doing Love & Hip Hop but she’s a certified actress instead and won an Emmy. He’s doing something right and so is Karrueche. And if Iyanla really wanted to fix people’s lives, she wouldn’t have pulled that mess she pulled last week. She’s all about ratings. It’s only entertainment to her. So I applaud Karrueche and her manager for using it to get her career where they wanted it to be.

    1. You have to give Karrueche some credit as well. She never wanted to be on a reality show anyway. She always wanted a real career. Jacob helped her strategize.

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