Brittney Taylor Throws Major Shade at Remy Ma

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By: A.J. Niles

Brittney Taylor and Remy Ma’s confrontation was one of the few surprises from part one of the “Love and Hip Hop” Season 8 reunion.

Remy Ma seemed to have good intentions of not wanting to see Brittney or Bianca continue their long and on-going beef. However, Brittney wasn’t here for any of Remy’s comments. So after the reunion, Brittney threw a bit of shade at Remy.

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    1. Of course not. She didn’t want to get shot! I mean that’s all Remy knows how to do anyway, right? Didn’t her sister just shoot another black woman last week?

  1. Britney is so weak how you gonna try to throw shade now but didn’t have ish to say to Remy face. She was just praising Remy on the reunion now you got twitter fingers.WEAK!

  2. Some people need to grow up cause Remy is good damm good you trying to get where she at boo, stop trying to be like everyone else,worry about yourself and maybe you’ll get some where, and change that attitude boo

    1. Remy is a flop and a felon. Bri may be annoying but she at least has higher goals for herself than that. Cardi B has already surpassed Remy tbh. That’s why Remy is still on Love & Hip Hop and Cardi is not.

  3. And y’all gotta stop hyping Remy up on this show. She is the queen of nothing. Just another violent felon who brings a gun to a fist fight.

  4. My issue with Bri is she says a lot of stuff online and then pretends she didn’t when people confront her about it in real life. That’s really lame to me. Otherwise, I get why she’s annoyed with Remy. Remy really likes to get on TV and pretend she’s so holier than thou but she’s done much worse than the women she’s preaching to. She almost killed another woman over money. And it’s not like her beef with Nicki happened 20 years ago. She’s no better than Bri, Bianca, Mariah, etc.

  5. Some of these comments have me cracking up this morning. I’d respect Bri if she would have said this in Remy’s face. Saying it now online at that makes her look like a wimp. It’s just not a good look.

  6. It is very vey annoying for ppl to keep bringing up remys OLD PAST. IS THAT YALL GO TO? ” let’s talk about how she shot someone? ITS OLD DEAD AND STINKING!!!! STFU ALREADY

  7. LOL at Remy’s stans being triggered. I’m glad y’all are triggered! Now do something useful like actually buy her music. Then maybe she can finally leave the show.

  8. Wayment, didn’t Remy try to fight Rah AFTER she got out of prison? Did she not use a child’s molestation as a diss in her rap song AFTER she got out of prison? Did she not make fun of Azealia’s mental illness AFTER she got out of prison? Did she not lie about Nicki coming at her first AFTER she got out of prison so she can use Nicki for some publicity (let’s not forget she was going at Nicki while she was locked up – those prison freestyles are still on YouTube). Did she not threaten to fight Nicki on sight in that boring song of hers AFTER prison? Did she not run up on Karen Civil AFTER she got out prison just because Karen is cool with Nicki? Remy has a lot of messiness people can actually pull from. And she damn sure has not changed. She ain’t no saint and she’s the one who needs to STFU trying to lecture anybody.

  9. I honestly don’t care for Bri or Remy to be honest. But I have to admit I was rolling my eyes hard at the reunion. Remy is always talking down to those girls like she’s above them but if she was, why is she still on the damn show? She needs to humble herself. She’s been smelling herself hard since Shether but she still can’t move units. I thought the point of dissing Nicki was to advance herself? Yet Remy is still in the same place. Like MoNique says, Make it make sense.

  10. Nobody has to be scared of Remy. It’s annoying how they are trying to make everyone on the show kiss her a-s. Bri is scary tho because she could have said all of this at the reunion.

  11. She cant be too much with the sh$% considering she didnt pop off while on set with Remy. Errrrbody gansta on social media…. Remy gave great advice but she is toooooo childish receive it

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