Social Media Wrap Up: Sheree & NeNe Beef, Kenya Claps Back & Marlo Gets a Promotion

On the current season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” NeNe Leakes has made it clear that she does not want to be asked about Sheree Whitfield’s prison boo Tyrone Gilliams.

NeNe knew Tyrone first, but she does not like to describe their past relationship.

However, she did tell Kandi Burruss that they never dated.

Since NeNe has been getting testy with people for asking her about Tyrone, Sheree is starting to think there is more to the story.

So NeNe took to Twitter to seemingly attempt to get under Sheree’s skin.

She tweeted the following hours ago (read tweets from bottom to top):

Of course Sheree responded with some shade:

In related news, Kenya Moore has been clapping back on social media as well.

She decided not to go to Barcelona with the rest of the girls, but checked a follower after they suggested the show is better without her:

And although Kenya has been absent due to her choice not to go on the trip, Marlo Hampton hinted that she may be getting even more screen time.

Apparently Marlo has been filming for green screen interviews:

Finally! ?? #rhoa

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Marlo has been wanting a peach for years now, so her first green screen interview is defntely a good sign for her future on the hit reality show.

What are your thoughts? Are you here for more Marlo? And can Sheree and NeNe ever be friendly again? Leave your thoughts below.

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  1. NeNe really needs to pay Sheree dust. It is not a good look for black women to be fighting over a damn jail bird! And NeNe is a married woman. What does it matter what happened when her and Gregg were separated?! Sheree needs to get a life and some common sense. She has been embarrassing this season!

  2. Kenya is such a liar. In what universe did RHOA lose 500,000 viewers because she’s been reduced a friend of the show? The ratings have been steady because no one really cares about her anyway, except her 5 stans. The delusion is real. LOL. And Sheree is doing the most. She has no idea how stupid she is looking right now.

  3. Kenya has to stop listening to the lies her fans tweet her. There hasn’t been much difference in the ratings. Honestly, she’s been forgettable this season.

  4. Anyone notice how Kim has been shading Sheree about this Tyrone thing? I thought it was shady how she kept telling Sheree that people are just jealous about her relationship with Tyrone when Kim herself would never become that desperate to have a boo in prison. She’s probably laughing behind Sheree’s back about all of this.

  5. Marlo does not need a peach nor does she need to do interviews! This is why Married 2 Med and RHOP are just better shows. The casting on both shows is much better than RHOA. Seriously why is Cynthia still on the show? Why is Marlo there? Porsha? Kenya? And for goodness sake don’t bring Kim back full-time. The cast needs to be revamped immediately. I don’t know what Bravo is doing anymore.

    1. Oh Sheree needs to be fired as well. She brings nothing to RHOA anymore. And her pen relationship with an inmate is embarrassing and bringing the show down so much. Just eww all around. We came to see black housewives with money. Instead we have single black women settling for felons, and kissing each other for storylines. I thought Bad Girls Club was cancelled!

    1. Me too. And she honestly just has Phaedra’s storyline from last season. I’m tired of hearing about Tyrone.

  6. I think they’re testing the waters and seeing what the ratings are like without Kenya. I truly believe they’re considering firing her and Eva, Marlo and Porsha’s friend, I forget her name is all in the running to take her place. I would personally take any of those women over Kenya!!

  7. Throw this whole season in the trash please. And they need to stop overrating Marlo. She doesn’t need a peach. She’s a fashionable extra. That’s it. What is she going to film about when it comes to her life? She can’t even tell people what she does for a living. This show has gone downhill.

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