RHOA Recap: NeNe Goes off After Being Asked About Tyrone + Has Friction with Sheree

The ladies head to their hotel.

They are all glad to be leaving the villa Cynthia booked behind. When they get on the bus, NeNe informs them that Porsha decided to go back to Atlanta.

She says Porsha did not bad talk anyone and felt it was best to leave so she wouldn’t have an anger issue.

Marlo thinks Kandi hurt Porsha by not accepting  her apology, yet.

Kandi says at some point she will be able to be cordial, but she isn’t there yet.

NeNe thinks Porsha really needs to show the group she is remorseful.

When they enter the hotel, everyone is pleased.

“Now this is how Sheree likes to vacation.” – Sheree

Tyrone calls Sheree. She steps away to talk to him.

“I miss you.” – Tyrone

“I miss you too.” – Sheree

She informs him that the group hated the villa.

Kandi suggests they do Sheree’s makeup and hair so she can have some sultry pictures to send Tyrone.

They all agree it’s a fun idea.

“Does Sheree know y’all gonna do this sh*t?” – NeNe

Kandi says she will tell Sheree their idea.

NeNe is not interested in talking about Tyrone.

When Kandi asks about NeNe’s past with Tyrone, she gets irritated and says not to ask her about Tyrone again because she’s a married woman.

She says she has never been out with Tyrone and Kandi asks her who said she has.

NeNe says they need to direct all Tyrone talk to Sheree.

In a green screen interview, NeNe says nothing ever happened with Tyrone because she is “smarter than Whitfield.”

Sheree joins them and Kandi suggests they help her do a cute photo shoot to send to Tyrone.

She agrees to it and all the ladies get to work.

Marlo picks out Sheree’s outfit and she says she’s not really feeling it in her green screen interview. She decides to be a good sport and go along with Marlo’s idea.

Sheree surprises everyone with her look styled by Marlo.

Next, Sheree sits on the stage to start posing as the rest of the ladies critique her.

They end up staying up drinking and dancing.

Shamea brings up the fact that NeNe checked everyone about asking her about Tyrone.

In another room, Kandi tells Sheree that NeNe got a little hostile and said not to ask her anything about “dating Tyrone.”

“Dating Tyrone?” – Sheree

In a green screen interview, Sheree says it seems like something went down with NeNe and Tyrone. She does believe that they never dated though.

She explains how she met Tyrone through a friend but NeNe did know him first.

Sheree says that they argued over Tyrone years ago during the “Trump checks” conversation.

In a green screen interview, Sheree admits being confused. She thought her and NeNe were back in a cordial place.

“The face may have changed but the attitude did not.” – Sheree

Despite tension high in the city, the ladies hang out again in the city.

The citizens of Barcelona are clashing with the government over voting. So there’s a lot of tension going on.

There is also some tension between Sheree and NeNe. The group notices too.

The girls hop on the bus anyway to head out. On the bus, Cynthia playfully flirts with Kandi when the girls jokingly say she should kiss Kandi.

“Cynthia, you are so wack.” – NeNe

They head to town to eat a Barcelona delicacy. They choose a pig dish that Eva describes as smelling like “a fart.”

NeNe hesitates to eat it. Sheree says in her green screen interview that NeNe shouldn’t act like she’s afraid to eat old meat when she’s married to Gregg.

Sheree, Kandi and Shamea go out for drinks and a bite to eat. Kandi says she is uneasy about the riots.

NeNe, Eva, Marlo and Cynthia go somewhere for a bite to eat. Eva brings up how NeNe checked Kandi for bringing up Tyrone. She once again gets testy. NeNe says it’s disrespectful to ask her about Tyrone when she’s married. Plus it’s also disrespectful because he’s dating Sheree.

Later, NeNe tells Marlo and Cynthia that Sheree knew the video Brielle made existed before everyone else did. She feels it was messed up that Sheree didn’t give her a heads up, especially since Sheree invited Brielle and Kim into NeNe’s home.

The ladies head out to a lake for Cyhtina’s “baptism.”

Cynthia says they should go on a road trip to get some distance away from the political climate in Barcelona.

They all get on the bus and Cynthia says the hour and a half trip should be about love and positivity.

Kandi starts singing a new song she penned about not dealing with “fake people.”

When NeNe starts getting into the song, Cynthia says the message isn’t positive so they should switch up the vibe. Everyone laughs.

They get to a beach. Cynthia asks them to turn their backs to the water. She explains that she took turning 50 very seriously and she’s really in a good place.

She lights everyone’s candles and tells them to say something nice about the person who was written on the bottom of theirs.

Kandi has Sheree on her candle and she says she can’t wait to see Sheree become an even more powerful woman.

Marlo says that she loves that Kandi loves so hard.

Eva gets Shamea and says she feels like they didn’t get off on the right foot. She says Shamea was childish to ask her about Missy Elliott.

Despite this, Eva apologizes for all that she’s done, complimenting Shamea’s appearance. She hopes they can get along better in the future. They hug.

Sheree has Marlo and says she has a great heart despite their fallouts in the past.

Shamea has Eva and says she hopes they can move forward.

NeNe has Porsha and she says that she hopes Porsha knows everyone is still there to support her.

In a green screen interview, Kandi says she doesn’t like how things went down but she feels she can be cordial with Porsha now.

Cynthia has NeNe. She says no one makes her laugh harder than NeNe does. She calls NeNe a God given friend and says she hopes they reman friends for “many, many years.”

They hug.

Cynthia then gets in the water to do a sultry baptism on herself.

Kandi jokes in the green screen interview that it seems more like a “hoe bath” than a baptism.

They all walk off the beach in unison.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. Serious question, does Sheree not understand that she’s playing her damn self? No one wants her prison bae. No one. She’s too old to be so naive.

  2. What a lackluster season. And Kandi’s feelings about Porsha change day to day. When they get back to the A, she will hate her all over again.

    1. Ratings dipped after Kenya decided to back away and spend more time with her husband. Porsha doesn’t bring anything to the show.

  3. I thought the point of Tyrone calling Sheree every hour was so she didn’t get insecure about their relationship. Yet she’s still insecure and trying to beef with NeNe over something that may or may not have happened years ago. It’s so pathetic to me.

  4. Controversial opinion but it’s time for Bravo to trim the fat. Everyone who is not married needs to go. This is why Potomac is better. They make sure the show stays true to the name. RHOA is a mess now. It’s too many women in the group and half of the don’t even need to be there.

    1. I love Potomac but if my memory serves me correctly, Giselle is divorced, Shareese is in the process of getting a divorce and nobody knows if Robin and Juan are married, divorced, dating or single all while living in the same house so Potomac isn’t the greatest example for “Trimming the fat”

      1. Juan and Robyn are back together. Charrisse is out, so that leaves Gizelle as the only “single” one as a main cast member. Compare that to RHOA where Porsha, Cynthia and Sheree are all single yet hold peaches. Marlo is now being considered to become a main next season and it makes no sense. That’s what I’m referring to when I say trim the fat. Multiple single women should not be main cast members. It goes against the actual theme of the show.

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