‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Simone Snaps + Quad & Gregory Drop a Bomb

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Married to Medicine,” the couples gave updates on their marriages.

Dr. Simone revealed just what made her pull the trigger on divorcing Cecil after ten years of problems. And when Toya tried to get answers on if they could still work things out, Simone snapped.

Dr. Jackie actually called off her divorce from Curtis.

And Quad and Gregory reveal that their problems are much deeper than many suspected.

This results in the couple dropping a bomb.

Here’s a recap of “Reunion Part 2.”

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  1. I hope everyone who has been bashing Quad on here for not wanting to procreate with her demon of a husband feels silly now. People were so quick to bash her but I hope now people see how much crap he has put he through.

    1. She didn’t want kids before the hotel situation though. Do I think Greg has some major issues? Absolutely and he’s not blameless at all. But I’m not going to sit here and ignore the fact that the hotel situation happened last year and Quad wasn’t trying to have kids well before that.

      1. Quad made him say that ish to save face. Where are the damn receipts. She’s so manipulative and a darn liar.

    2. I still don’t care for Quad. Her passive aggressiveness and constant need to play victim when she’s very messy personalty just doesn’t do it for me.

  2. I’m glad Simone and Cecil decided not to divorce and decided to work on their marriage, I believe that their marriage can be save. even when they weren’t in a good space they seem more compatible then the rest of the couples other than Mariah and her husband. They always seem to joke around and just be genuinely enjoying each other’s company. Simone with about the rip Toya’s face off when she said that she could work it out and did she ask him why he left, smdh Toya gotta understand all marriages can’t work themselves out. As Simone said nobody should be in a Loveless relationship After looking at last night show now I see why quad is done with her marriage and while she’s so cold to him and why she doesn’t want to have his children even though I don’t think she wants that have children at all, but her husband had no business being at a hotel with another woman. Just messy! This reunion really did need three parts. Smdh

    1. Your first sentence is wrong! Simone and Cecil ARE divorcing! Did you watch the show? She said she’s done trying to make it work.

    1. exactly and go on and live their lives apart cause i am sick of her whinning and complaining. She does a lot of that for a woman with no kids and light housework which a housekeeper could help do once a week. like when she was washing the dishes before their group came in. That was sickening cause i was like don’t they have a dishwasher & if not why wait till the doorbell is about to ring to do all that? For show that’s why and why i’m sick of her. Get divorced and get off the show you & your tight faced husband…

  3. They tried to jump on Toya but all she wanted to do was ask questions before rushing to make any judgements.

  4. It seems like to me that Quad and Dr. G had problems way before they got married. And they probably should have never gotten married. Why they are dragging out the inevitable (a divorce), I don’t understand.

  5. What I like about this show is how real it is. You have to appreciate it now because at some point, it won’t be as real. The more viewers a reality show gets, the less authentic it becomes.

  6. Cecil acts like an a-shole most of the time. I can understand why Simone wants a divorce. Can’t forget how he’s shaded her on the show.

  7. Mariah is so annoying to me at times. She really kept trying to make Quad seem like the bad guy but had nothing to say when Greg came out and said he cheated!

  8. Man this season has been a lot. But I do think Cecil and Simone will end up staying together, so will Jackie and Curtis. But Quad and Greg? They are done. They are just being slow to make it official.

  9. Things definitely didn’t play out the way I though they would. I thought Jackie and Curtis would divorce, and Cecil and Simone would stay together.

  10. You can tell this little bit of fame has gone to some of these husbands heads. None of these randoms would be interested in any of them if they weren’t on TV.

  11. I am so happy that Dr. Simone and Cecil decided to work on their marriage. I really like them and I think that their marriage can be reconciled. I like Quad and I think she has gone through a lot dealing with Dr. Gregory. He was wrong for taking another woman to a hotel. I believe that he did sleep with the woman and I think Quad should divorce him. I am also happy that Dr. Jackie and Curtis are working to make things better in their marriage. I wish all of them the best.

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