‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Simone Snaps + Quad & Gregory Drop a Bomb

Everyone reacts to the news of Simone and Cecil divorcing.

Heavenly cries and tell Simone that she and Cecil have been an example of a perfect marriage for her. Simone says no marriage is perfect, and her marriage has gone as far as it can go.

“If I cannot get the love and the respect and made to be number one which is all I’m asking, then it’s time for us to go our separate ways.” – Simone

She says that she and Cecil are still on friendly terms.

Toya and Jackie already knew.

Simone makes it clear that being on the show has not been the issue. They have been having issues for about ten years.

Toya tries to tell Simone that she should try to work things out with Cecil. Simone snaps and says that if Cecil cannot show her that she’s number one, they can’t stay married. She’s also not going to stay married just to “save face” and look good.

Quad nods her head in agreement.

Apparently the last straw was when Cecil walked out of a counseling session after she asked him not to.

He left to spend time with a female friend that she feels is a “big time” manipulator.

She says that it’s strictly a platonic relationship between Cecil and the female friend. They go golfing together and talks sports.

When Toya once again says she feels it can be worked out, Simone screams that she would not stay if she was in the same situation with Eugene.

The other ladies tell her not to be judgmental and be supportive.

“She needs support now, Toya.” – Heavenly

Toya starts crying and Simone consoles her and says that sometimes a relationship “must and will come to a close.”

“I married for love and that is the only way I’m going to stay married.” – Simone

Quad breaks down and says listening to Simone is like “putting a mirror in my face.”

Dr. Jackie says she loves Cecil and she’s known him longer than Curtis. And she will remain cool with Cecil but “she gets Simone in the divorce.”

She plans on having Simone’s back through the split.

Andy updates Mariah.

During the break, Andy goes backstage to ask Mariah what happened with Heavenly. He says Heavenly is open to apologizing.

Aydin says she will most likely apologize and then offend Mariah again.

Andy tells her he wants her to cool off and join the rest of the cast.

“If she’s get out-of-pocket, I’m going to leave.” – Mariah

Curtis calls out Eugene.

The husbands have their segment.

Cecil speaks on his divorce from Simone. He says both of them feel like the other one did not do the work to make the marriage work.

Aydin says he’s hurt and didn’t expect it.

“I don’t know what to say…you guys are role models here.” – Aydin

Scott and Gregory cosign Simone and Cecil being role models for them too.

Damon notices that Cecil is still wearing his wedding band. He’s hopeful that means there is still a future for Simone and Cecil.

Cecil says they must be more realistic about marriage. Sometimes things just get so hard.

He says his female friend is not the issue and he’s baffled by Simone’s issue with her.

“She’s truly a good friend. That’s all it is.” – Cecil

Curtis says he wasn’t nervous about being back around the group after cheating on Jackie. He was more concerned about making things work with Jackie.

He says he felt some of the things said by the other husbands was messed up.

“Eugene carried it on.” – Curtis

Eugene says he has a certain moral code for himself and he takes his vows seriously. He says when he saw that Jackie and Curtis were falling apart, he decided to joke about it to cope.

Curtis says that Eugene should have said all he had to say to his face and not in confessionals when he’s not around to defend himself.

Eugene tells Curtis that he felt what Curtis did wasn’t Godly and he used humor because he was angry about what Curtis did to Jackie.

Curtis says it was a personal attack and in the future, he shouldn’t take digs at his friends when they are going through a hard time.

The husbands discuss double standards.

Andy asks the men what it’s like to be married to alpha females.

“Dealing with an alpha female, they challenge your ego.” – Greg

Greg admits that he defended Curtis to Quad out of spite.

Eugene address the fact that Toya told the world he “pleasures himself.” He says he doesn’t do it that often and it did annoy him that she mentioned it on the show.

He says the one thing that angered him is when she said her “freak number” was a ten when it’s more of a “above five.”

Eugene says he’s on the same level so it works out.

Damon is asked about why he said a man cheating is different from a woman cheating. He says he’s glad that men in general are often given second chances by their women. However, he says most men won’t do the same if the shoe was on the other foot.

He prays that Heavenly never cheats.

If he cheated, he hopes she would give him a second chance. Damon says he would be out if she cheated though.

However, he then says he’s not sure he would want to live his life without her.

Damon says the family unit is being attacked on a spiritual level, so he prays Cecil and Simone work thing out.

Mariah returns.

The couples all join the stage together.

Andy asks how Mariah is feeling and she says she’s okay.

Heavenly says she thinks the whole thing was blown out of proportion. She says she was being funny and Mariah feels she’s owed a certain amount of respect.

She says that maybe she was wrong but she didn’t think it was that deep.

“It’s not that deep.” – Heavenly

They start arguing.

“Don’t touch my sh*t.” – Mariah

She then tells Heavenly that she’s not going to let her take the show to the gutter. Mariah feels Heavenly was wrong to ruin her property and Heavenly offers to pay her back.

Mariah says that’s not the point. She then calls out the other ladies for not calling out Heavenly.

Simone says that the rest of the group doesn’t condone Heavenly’s actions. Toya agrees.

Mariah feels they do because they don’t speak up. But Simone says they do when she’s not around.

At this point, Mariah says she wants people to tell Heavenly she’s wrong. Jackie then pats Heavenly’s knee and says she was wrong. Andy says it’s time to change the subject.

Jackie and Curtis then discuss where they stand in the present.

Curtis says he wasn’t thinking when he cheated and he didn’t cheat to get caught, like a viewer suggested.

Another viewer writes in and asks why Jackie is upset that Curtis cheated when she told him last season at the reunion that he should be with someone who makes him happy if she can’t do it.

Jackie says she didn’t give Curtis permission to have an affair. She meant he should leave and divorce her first.

Curtis says he’s not going to place any blame on Jackie about what he did and therapy has been crucial in saving their marriage.

He says the gifts he bought Jackie were a way to show her he was thinking about her. He knows he can’t buy his way out of what he did. Jackie says she appreciated the gifts because he was never really into that before.

They are currently working things out and they have good days and bad days.

“The hardest part is healing and recovering on a TV show.” – Jackie

She goes on to say that sometimes people say hurtful things to her on social media about the situation. It’s also hard to deal with patients asking her about it.

Jackie confirms Curtis is now sleeping back in the bedroom with her and they filed dismissal papers on their divorce.

Quad and Gregory bare all.

Quad says that she and Gregory are still in bad place. She wants Gregory to learn how to value and respect her. She wants to feel a sense of unity and togetherness.

“I want to feel…appreciated.” – Quad

Gregory says he appreciates her wholeheartedly and he tries to show that but it’s not good enough for Quad.

He says he’s been buying her gifts, bought her a range rover and jewelry. But Quad once again says that’s not what she’s looking for.

Gregory says he wants to go back to going on double dates with Mariah and Aydin, and spending more time together.

Quad says that despite what people think, she still wants to have a child. But she refuses to do it when they aren’t in a good place.

Eugene says he doesn’t know what Quad means when she just says she wants to be appreciated.

She explains that she goes above and beyond to make Gregory happy and support his career.

Gregory says he did a lot too. This angers Quad who then rolls off all the things she’s done in which she never gets credit from him.

She breaks down and says she was stressed because she was so focused on making sure Gregory achieved his goal of having his own office.

Gregory says he has a goal to have a family and do things together but she blocked his phone calls.

Quad says she blocked him to prevent arguments because Gregory will scream at her and hang up in her face.

Andy says he doesn’t understand how Greg and Quad will recover. Quad echoes his sentiments.

“It’s a p*ssng contest is what it is.” – Quad

Mariah says she hates what Greg and Quad are going through. She feels Quad thinks it’s all about her and she has to listen to him too.

But Quad, who doesn’t even feel in tune with Gregory, shuts down because he never sees what he’s done wrong.

Greg drops a bomb.

A viewer brings up the fact that Quad doesn’t like for Gregory to touch her. She says that she only feels that way because she doesn’t like Greg’s behavior.

Mariah says people feel Quad doesn’t like her husband and Quad says that’s not the case.

Contessa says she feels like they are so disconnected and she’s praying for them.

Quad says some things have happened in their marriage that no one knows. Greg says they should put it all out on the table.

Greg says there was a time he did something he shouldn’t have done.

He says he and a friend were hanging out one day and met two women. They then went back to a hotel. The episode ends before he can explain further.


What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. I hope everyone who has been bashing Quad on here for not wanting to procreate with her demon of a husband feels silly now. People were so quick to bash her but I hope now people see how much crap he has put he through.

    1. She didn’t want kids before the hotel situation though. Do I think Greg has some major issues? Absolutely and he’s not blameless at all. But I’m not going to sit here and ignore the fact that the hotel situation happened last year and Quad wasn’t trying to have kids well before that.

      1. Quad made him say that ish to save face. Where are the damn receipts. She’s so manipulative and a darn liar.

    2. I still don’t care for Quad. Her passive aggressiveness and constant need to play victim when she’s very messy personalty just doesn’t do it for me.

  2. I’m glad Simone and Cecil decided not to divorce and decided to work on their marriage, I believe that their marriage can be save. even when they weren’t in a good space they seem more compatible then the rest of the couples other than Mariah and her husband. They always seem to joke around and just be genuinely enjoying each other’s company. Simone with about the rip Toya’s face off when she said that she could work it out and did she ask him why he left, smdh Toya gotta understand all marriages can’t work themselves out. As Simone said nobody should be in a Loveless relationship After looking at last night show now I see why quad is done with her marriage and while she’s so cold to him and why she doesn’t want to have his children even though I don’t think she wants that have children at all, but her husband had no business being at a hotel with another woman. Just messy! This reunion really did need three parts. Smdh

    1. Your first sentence is wrong! Simone and Cecil ARE divorcing! Did you watch the show? She said she’s done trying to make it work.

    1. exactly and go on and live their lives apart cause i am sick of her whinning and complaining. She does a lot of that for a woman with no kids and light housework which a housekeeper could help do once a week. like when she was washing the dishes before their group came in. That was sickening cause i was like don’t they have a dishwasher & if not why wait till the doorbell is about to ring to do all that? For show that’s why and why i’m sick of her. Get divorced and get off the show you & your tight faced husband…

  3. It seems like to me that Quad and Dr. G had problems way before they got married. And they probably should have never gotten married. Why they are dragging out the inevitable (a divorce), I don’t understand.

  4. What I like about this show is how real it is. You have to appreciate it now because at some point, it won’t be as real. The more viewers a reality show gets, the less authentic it becomes.

  5. Cecil acts like an a-shole most of the time. I can understand why Simone wants a divorce. Can’t forget how he’s shaded her on the show.

  6. Mariah is so annoying to me at times. She really kept trying to make Quad seem like the bad guy but had nothing to say when Greg came out and said he cheated!

  7. Man this season has been a lot. But I do think Cecil and Simone will end up staying together, so will Jackie and Curtis. But Quad and Greg? They are done. They are just being slow to make it official.

  8. Things definitely didn’t play out the way I though they would. I thought Jackie and Curtis would divorce, and Cecil and Simone would stay together.

  9. You can tell this little bit of fame has gone to some of these husbands heads. None of these randoms would be interested in any of them if they weren’t on TV.

  10. I am so happy that Dr. Simone and Cecil decided to work on their marriage. I really like them and I think that their marriage can be reconciled. I like Quad and I think she has gone through a lot dealing with Dr. Gregory. He was wrong for taking another woman to a hotel. I believe that he did sleep with the woman and I think Quad should divorce him. I am also happy that Dr. Jackie and Curtis are working to make things better in their marriage. I wish all of them the best.

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