Brandy Norwood and Princess Love Argue Over Ray J + Brandy Skips Baby Shower?

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

Just when people thought everything would be good between Ray J, Princess Love, and Ray’s family… sources claim Princess Love and Brandy are beefing.

Allegedly, Brandy didn’t like how Princess addressed Ray J via social media over his alleged behavior during her pregnancy.

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  1. Ray J is a grown man. Whatever goes on with him and Princess I’m sure he can handle. So why are Brandy and coddling him?

  2. Certain things don’t need to be put on social media. But I do have to say Brandy and Sonja need to understand that Ray is married. They don’t have a right to be all up in his marital business.

  3. Wait they are still beefing? They need to remember Princess is pregnant. You can’t take things a pregnant woman says to heart. Pregnancy hormones are a trip. Brandy and her mom need to calm it down a bit.

  4. So did he cheat or not? That’s what I’m confused about. One minute Princess says he did, then she deletes it and pretends nothing happened.

  5. You can’t stick your nose in someone else’s marriage. Even when it’s your loved ones. You have to stay in your lane and only get involved when it’s absolutely necessary. Social media posts are not that damn serious.

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