Princess Love Puts Brandy Norwood on Blast?

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: A.J. Niles

The drama between Princess Love and her in-laws gets apparently more strained by the day.

Yesterday, it was reported Princess Love, Brandy and her mom Sonja Norwood had an argument that resulted in Brandy and Sonja skipping out on the multiple baby showers.

Although Brandy and her mother are refuting the stories, Princess Love made it known that the strife between them is real.

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  1. No shade but Brandy faked an entire marriage because she was ashamed she got knocked up. So I definitely believe what Princess is saying.

  2. Princess needs to stop trying to use Brandy for a storyline. Brandy is a legend and if she wanted to be on Love and Hip Hop she would have been. Instead she’s performing, doing Broadway and getting her coins! She has no issues with Princess.

    1. Well she should start acting like a legend and stay out of the mess. She is always caught up in something. She’s the common denominator yet y’all pretend y’all haven’t noticed that.

  3. This could have been prevented if Brandy and Sonja remained neutral instead of constantly taking Ray’s side in everything.

  4. Never try somebody who has nothing to lose. Brandy better leave this child alone before she gets embarrassed.

  5. Princess needs to remember she’s pregnant and not get stressed out about this stuff. It’s not good for the baby.

  6. Brandy has had training in boxing. This ain’t a road Princess wants to go down. Windmilling won’t help her after she has the baby.

  7. Princess has been posting subliminals to Ray, Brandy and Sonja for months now. I wonder what really went down.

  8. Brandy been fake. For years. But I don’t like Princess. She’s childish and makes Ray J seem mature which I didn’t think was possible.

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