Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann Shade RHOA Cast & Husbands

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

By: A.J. Niles

On last weeks episode of, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kandi Burruss confronted Kim Zolciak and questioned Kroy acting as a driver for her while filming.

Apparently, Kroy doing this rubbed many peach holders the wrong way. Well, Bravo caught up with Kim and Kroy during filming of the reunion to ask them about this.

According to Kim and Kroy, this is nothing more than jealously from the other ladies, who don’t know where their husbands are.

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  1. I see Kroy is just as clueless as Kim is. They really act like they are the only ones married with kids. The difference is the other husbands actually have better things to do with their time like make money. Something Kroy doesn’t do anymore and that is exactly why he’s now Kim’s chauffeur and she had to come back to RHOA for a check.

  2. They’re not really delusional look at all the divorces and Todd. Kim actuallly looks like she’s in a happy relationship

    1. What show are you watching? Todd and Kandi opened up a successful restaurant together. Todd doesn’t have time to drive Kandi around all day because he’s running that restaurant. Before Kandi, he was producing reality shows. That’s how he met Kandi. Gregg was a real estate investor. He got NeNe away from the pole and supported her before RHOA blew up. Peter and Cynthia aren’t together anymore, but his bar in Charlotte is very successful. He’s opening up another one with Cynthia in Atlanta. Eva’s man is a politician. And Kenya’s husband runs a successful restaurant in New York. Y’all only drag these men because they are black. Yet Kroy, who was a very unsuccessful NFL player who had to retire early because no other team wanted to pick him up, gets a pass. It’s obvious why that is! Let’s be honest. If Kim and Kroy were doing so well, do you think Kim would be back on RHOA right now? Of course not! Kim hated doing the show. But since Tardy is such a flop, she has to come back and pretend she’s needed on a show that hasn’t needed her since season one! And let’s not talk about divorces! Kim is a divorcee herself and also a former mistress to a married man! Did you forget that?

  3. They sure do love to deflect. It’s not about Kroy driving Kim around. The real issue is that Kim does the minimum when it’s time to film and she gets to do what she wants because she’s a favorite of the new show runner.

  4. This is what people are talking about. If Kim and Kroy think they are above everyone else, then why do the damn show?

    1. What stans? The ones who won’t even watch her spinoff? I believe Kandi told the truth when she said Kim and her family like to sit on the internet and write comments on blogs and social media. Because when I look at the ratings for Don’t Be Tardy For The Party, it’s just not adding up. LOL.

  5. You would think Kim and Kroy are the only ones who are happily married the way they talk. Kim needs to remember that RHOA is a job she signed up for. That means she has to film and take trips like all the others. If she couldn’t commit to that, she should have never came back. Kandi and the others are tired of all the favoritism Kim has gotten over the years. Meanwhile they are giving Kenya ultimatums for the same things they are giving Kim passes for.

  6. They have their own show they can focus on if they are so irritated about this. I think most of us would be happy to see them leave RHOA again.

  7. The delusion is so real with that whole family I guess. No one wants to be them. Not even a little bit. And Kim needs to get help for her drinking problem. The real reason she has Kroy driving her around everywhere is because she likes to drink all day long.

  8. I honestly think that she has kroy with her because she’s scared of the women she scared one of those woman is gonna jump on her and it’s going to be nobody there to save her. You can tell how disgusted she is to just be around the other woman. Its definitely a job for her she is not friends with these woman.

  9. Meh. The truth is Kim wouldn’t be on the show if she didn’t have to. She had no problem walking away the last time because Kroy was still playing. Regardless, Bravo needs to pay attention. She’s not a ratings draw at all. She’s more annoying than anything else.

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