Genesis’ Father Big Reez Claps Back at Sky’s Other Son Des

Photo Credit: VH1

By: A.J. Niles

If you aren’t sure by now, the relationship between Sky and her son Genesis is severely strained. Last week, we saw yet another attempt by Ceaser to get these two on the same page. However, the sit-down ended with Sky crying and angry with Genesis’ lack of a desire to reconnect.

Social media had been abuzz with opinions on the situation. One interesting opinion came from Sky’s other son Des. Apparently, Des feels Genesis is butt-hurt about nothing, and needs to give his mom a chance. Well Genesis’ father recently responded to Des. He also revealed even more unflattering information about Sky’s alleged past.

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    1. While it’s awful for this grown man to come for Des, why aren’t you and the rest of Sky’s stans calling her out for her terrible behavior towards Genesis on the last episode? Do you think it’s healthy for a grown woman to curse out her child after he expresses he’s struggling emotionally from her giving him up for adoption? Instead all I see is y’all shaming Genesis and making excuses for Sky like y’all do every week. So move around with this fake outrage.

  1. Okay all these people are being messy. Basically it’s Sky and Des vs Reez and Genesis. This can’t be healthy.

  2. He shouldn’t be going in on Des at the end of the day he is still a child he just as innocent as Genesis plus you don’t know what Sky has put in his ear like come on man grow up. Sky ain’t ish but he ain’t far behind.

  3. The f–k? Now he’s being a hot a-s mess just like Sky has been. Leave the damn kids alone. Had he and Sky’s grown a–es did right by them none of them would be in this situation today.

  4. I don’t care how messy Sky is, this right here is unnecessary, there are other ways of getting free promotions. That’s what this is all about promoting his album.

  5. Oh well. Just like last week Sky was egging Des on to shade Genesis. So I’m supposed to be outraged that she’s getting it right back? No ma’am. Sky is not some damn victim. She’s messy as hell and we see how much of a bully she is on the damn show. As soon as someone dishes that messiness right back to her, people want to cry foul on here. Oh please.

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