RHOA Recap: Kenya’s Husband Marc Makes His First Appearance + Sheree Throws Shade

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Kenya’s husband Marc Daly finally got to meet the group.

And of course, Sheree couldn’t wait to throw some shade.

However, Kenya made sure to throw some right back.

Sheree also got real about Tyrone with her daughter Kaleigh.

Kaleigh also wasted no time in calling Sheree out for dating a prisoner.

Here’s a recap of “ReMarcable.”

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  1. I’m not even a Kenya fan but is Sheree serious? Kenya’s man is not in prison, has a legit business and minds his business. Since when is a nose ring shade worthy but being an inmate is not? And Tyrone is also just as catty as the housewives siting on the phone in prison trying to shade NeNe. He’s a hot mess and Sheree is too old to be so foolish. Sheree has really lost her mind.

  2. Not Sheree shading Marc for having a nose ring when her man is in prison for fraud. He only calls her everyday to make sure he has someone to take care of him when he finally gets out of prison. He’s Apollo 2.0.

  3. I really don’t like Sheree at all this season. Between her being Kim’s new Sweetie and letting some man in prison make her look dumber than usual, I’m just not feeling her.

  4. Sheree is so jealous of Kenya it’s pathetic. These women just can’t stand that Kenya is the one winning after they shamed her for not having a husband. Now not only does she have a husband, but he’s fine and has money. They can’t take it!

  5. Sheree needs to worry less about Kenya and more about her relationship with an inmate. Even her own daughter is concerned.

  6. Sheree really ain’t s—-. I’ve never seen a grown woman being so delusional and pathetic before in my life. How do you let a prisoner tell you how to design your basement?

  7. I’m glad people are seeing how pressed about Kenya Sheree is. She saw Marc’s face and seethed instantly!

  8. I never liked Sheree from the first time the show aired, she is phony and has always thought more of herself then she should have. In trying to understand her relationship, I chalk it up to just plain ole lonely and at present there’s nobody knocking for her so Tyrone beats a blank. She’s in a dream & can make it anything she wants but, in fact she’s still lonely, those phone calls fill a void. She needs to stop wearing sweatsuits & get up and out, cause he isn’t getting out of jail no time soon……….

    1. Marc is gay? Sheree needs to not even go that route because her man is more likely to have a boyfriend in prison.

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