BFV Recap: Evelyn Doubles Down on Abuse Accusations Regarding Tamar & Vince

Traci and Trina go shopping for Traci’s grand baby.

The episode opens with Traci and Trina out shopping for Traci’s grand baby. While shopping, Traci makes fun of Trina’s son making a baby.

Traci also tells Trina that he’s going to move out.

“If you’re old enough to make a baby, you’re old enough to be on your own.” – Traci

As they are shopping, they talk about Tamar walking out on them during their dinner. Trina says she’s hurt about Tamar’s behavior. However, she says she will still support Tamar through her divorce.

Trina wants to get a party bus for the sisters and to show a Tamar a good time.

Toni gets confused by Birdman’s lyrics.

Meanwhile, Toni is in the studio. She’s wrapping up her album and preparing for the Soul Train Awards. The Engineer plays a song that features Birdman.

Her label is nervous about Birdman’s language. When he plays the song, he can’t figure out what he’s saying, so she calls Tamar.

Tamar “translates” what he was saying, and tells Toni that he is praising Toni and can’t wait to marry her. Birdman stops by later and she asks him about his lyrics.

He explains the lyrics to Toni, and she feels comfortable.

Traci and Trina have fun with a stripper, until Tamar brings a surprising guest.

It’s the day of Toni’s honor, and Traci and Trina are on their party bus. Towanda and Evelyn are flying in from Atlanta, so they are picking up Tamar.

While on the way, the bus pulls over and picks up a stripper. The stripper takes his shirt off and begins to grind on Traci. Trina, who hired the stripper cheers Traci on.

After having fun with the stripper, they finally go get Tamar. Tamar is with Logan and their nanny when her sisters arrive. While Traci and Trina are excited to head to Las Vegas, Tamar isn’t too excited.

Tamar tells her sisters she is bringing Logan. This becomes awkward because Traci and Trina have a stripper on the bus.

Traci and Trina rush back to bus and remove the stripper. The stripper leaves just in time. When on the bus, Tamar brings up how the bus is “the dirtiest and dustiest bus” she’s been on .

Trina notices that Tamar is still feeling bad from the divorce anxiety. Trina says she understands how it feels to go through a public divorce.

5 hours later, they all arrive in Las Vegas.

“We did not have fun at all.” – Traci

Evelyn is inspired to speak out against domestic violence.

Back in Georgia, Evelyn speaks at a health fair. Antavius, their lawyer, drives Evelyn to the event, and she is thankful for him being there.

Evelyn will speak about domestic violence at the event. She’s heavily influenced by regret of not being able to help Tamar.

“I’ve dealt with women who’ve been abused. But it saddens me I can help other people, but I can’t help my own daughter.” – Evelyn

When Evelyn gets to the event, she speaks passionately on domestic violence.

“Some of us had to fight to get out today.” – Evelyn

Evelyn hopes to inspire women dealing with domestic violence that there is hope they’ll get past it.

The Braxtons are blindsided by Evelyn’s “talk” to TMZ.

Meanwhile in Vegas, Toni is busy preparing for her performance. While she performs, Traci and Trina are out tasting birthday cakes. While out, Trina calls Towanda to make sure she can come, but Towanda tells her sisters she can’t come due to her being in a play.

Traci and Trina are disappointed in her not coming. Towanda then asks why are they even planning a birthday party for Toni. That makes Traci and Trina nervous about the festivities they are planning.

When they get back to the hotel, Traci storms into Trina’s room to tell her about Evelyn’s talk with TMZ about Tamar’s divorce.

“Mommy done told everything.” – Traci

Evelyn also told TMZ that Vince needs to keep his hands off Tamar. Traci and Trina know this news will anger Tamar. Trina is concerned about Tamar after hearing this.

“She just needs to be loved on” – Trina

While Toni is on the way to a rehearsal, Towanda calls her to tell her she can’t come. But Toni understands.

“You gotta feed your babies.” – Toni

During the call, Toni gets an alert about TMZ’s conversation with Evelyn. The news shocks her.

“I think Evelyn said what she said about Tamar’s personal business, as one last cry for help for her daughter.” – Toni

Evelyn arrives and stops by to see Traci and Trina. Traci and Trina immediately jump in and ask Evelyn why she said what she said.

“The only thing I want to say to Vince is to keep his hands to himself.” – Evelyn

She tells her daughters that she pleaded with Tamar and Vince to seek counseling. So when TMZ approached her, she just said what she felt.

After talking to TMZ, Evelyn texted Tamar, but she didn’t respond. This frustrates Trina because she feels Tamar is “protecting” Vince.

Traci tells Evelyn and Trina that Tamar disconnected her phone. Overall, Evelyn doesn’t care if Tamar and Vince stay together. She just wants them “to get help.”

Michael Sr. and Michael Jr. arrive in Vegas amid Evelyn’s controversy.

Thing get even more interesting when Michael arrives with his son Michael Jr. They get set up to play poker in their room when Traci and Trina stop by. They are nervous to tell Michael Sr. about Evelyn’s TMZ story.

When they bring it up, Michael is concerned about Tamar. Trina is still hurt Tamar won’t respond to anyone. When they play the video of the interview, Michael gets angry.

“I’ve heard rumors.” – Michael Sr.

Trina reminds Michael Sr. that he’d had a talk with Tamar and Vince about their domestic disputes. Trina feels Michael Sr. isn’t immediately taking up for Tamar. But Michael Sr. says he talked to them and they said nothing’s going on.

He also says if he saw Vince putting his hands on Tamar, “they’d be h*** to pay.”

Trina brings up how Vince allegedly bit Tamar’s finger. But Michael Sr. looked for a bite mark on Tamar’s hands and says he didn’t find it.

Eventually, Trina washes her hands of everything, and lashes out. She’s apparently tired of fighting Tamar over this.

“I don’t care any more. I. Don’t. Care. Anymore.” – Trina

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  1. I have mixed feelings. On one hand I agree with putting Vince on blast so people can know the truth. On the other, it’s like why are they so thirsty to air out Tamar’s business?

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