Do You Love It? Cardi B Drops ‘Be Careful’

Photo Credit: Atlantic Records

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Cardi B is trending on social media because she dropped a new single.

The track is entitled “Be Careful” and it features lyrics from Lauryn Hill.

However, the song is being met with mixed reactions on social media.

It’s not getting the instant praise that her previous two singles received.

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  1. I don’t hate it. It’s not her best. But I’m sure Atlantic will make it a hit and make sure radios play it all day long.

  2. She sounds blah. The beat is blah. And the lyrics are blah. I don’t think this was the best song to release before the album comes out.

  3. No shade but she raps like she has a hearing problem. I’m surprised so many people are hyping this girl up.

  4. LOL. Cardi’s winning formula is trap music. That’s what people want from her. She can test different sounds on her next album.

  5. I’m shocked by how many people are ignoring that this child cannot rap. She’s Joseline Hernandez with a better personalty. People clowned Joseline for rapping off beat but took Cardi B all the way to the top when she raps off beat all the time. What a joke.

  6. The lyrics were written to encourage memes and Instagram captions to cheating boyfriends. It will end up being a hit due these things alone. I will say that this makes me side eye what her album will sound like though.

  7. She had no business singing on this song. They should have gotten her some background singers or have a well known singer doing the hook. That was a wasted opportunity.

  8. She needs to find her own identity and dominate. Her album cover makes me think of Missy Elliott. This song and the cover for it make me think of Nicki. Then she used Lauryn’s lyrics. I guess her next single will make us think of Lil Kim. This is why so many female rappers are flopping. They are lacking originality. Nicki didn’t even start dominating until she chilled on the Kim copying.

  9. So people have been dragging Nicki for months now and uplifting this chick? At least Nicki can actually rap! I know Cardi is a likable chick but this is not the only so so song she has. She’s overrated.

  10. I liked her GBM mixtape so I don’t like this sappy, pick me music she’s doing now. Offset is dragging her down in more ways than one.

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