Cardi B Claps Back When Follower Expresses Disappointment in ‘Be Careful’

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rising female rapper Cardi B is having plenty of success since walking away from “Love and Hip Hop New York,” thanks to a string of hits.

Now it’s time for her to release her first album.

Cardi is having anxiety about album sales and clapping back in the process.

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  1. She was already a bit too thin skinned, so I’m not surprised her pregnancy has made her much worse. Not liking the song isn’t hating. There are artists more established than her who have made songs their fans didn’t necessity love at first. But you don’t see them clapping back on Instagram.

  2. So a fan saying they don’t like the song but they are exited to see what else she has in store is a hater? Cardi really needs to grow up.

  3. She’s right but this strategy won’t always work. Eventually the so called haters stop caring right along with the fans. So she needs to make sure she understands how important it is to put out better material. The novelty may wear off. So the music matters. That song was not good. She’s getting a pass now because she’s new and people want to see her win because she’s the underdog in comparison to the “big and bad meanie” Nicki. She won’t always get these passes. So she needs to tighten up.

  4. How does she have time to read every comment she gets on Instagram? Maybe if she used that time to actually learn how to rap on beat her music would be so much better. I promise you she’s just another Joseline. Just more liked.

  5. I see. So Cardi doesn’t think it’s possible to be a fan if you don’t love everything she does. She’s looking for mind controlled zombies basically. I like her but the song was very meh. No need to be triggered when someone else points that out.

  6. Cardi is not going to know how to handle it if her career ever cools off. I can see that now. She will be on social media having a fit every second, cursing people out left and right. She is wayyy too sensitive. And it’s not cute.

  7. If my song was number one on iTunes, I’d be way too excited to care about what people were saying in my Instagram comments. I would be out celebrating and working hard to repeat that with my next single.

    1. Her feelings hurt cuz she tried to put out a song about a cheater to get buzz of the drama going on with offset and thought it would get people attention and it did that’s why it #1 people listened to see if she was gonna talk about offset in it but the song is terrible and people are disappointed cuz they waisted their time being bossy and her sensitive behind upset people telling the truth about that corny song. ??‍♀️

      1. It became #1 because everyone wants to hear what the song sounded like!Now if it stays at #1 for a couple weeks then she should be happy. I listened to it once and wasn’t impressed but that’s me. I’m still going to check out her album.

  8. Cardi needs to calm down. If that weak song is number one on iTunes, she’s probably going to have good album sales. So there’s no need to be arguing with people on Instagram. Don’t say you’re unbothered but act bothered by responding to people when your post gets thousands of comments. That means she literally had to sit on that post and keep refreshing and reading comments by strangers. That’s sad.

  9. Cardi is very insecure because she was explaining/defending that horrid song up until she saw she was number one. Then she became cocky again. How laughable.

  10. I think that was a genuine fan who just didn’t like the song. I don’t think Cardi needed to respond. Everyone won’t love what you do all the time. No artist is exempt from that.

  11. I actually love the song and see people using the lyrics in their IG captions already. I don’t understand why she responded to this but I get that she’s stressed and very real. I wish her the best and I think people are going to be bitter when they see her first week album sales. She is going to do really good.

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