‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Nikki Clashes with Richard’s Baby Mama Kathie + Walt Bares All

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Black Ink Crew,” Richard’s idea to meet with his baby mothers results in Nikki clashing with Kathie.

Thankfully, Nikki’s urging of Richard to apologize to Kathie gives him an opportunity to reunite with their son.

Donna’s decision to move out of Jadah’s apartment and move in with Moe doesn’t sit well with Jadah.

Sky decides the best way to move on from being rejected by Genesis is to have another baby.

And Walt comes clean about the root of his previous outburst.

Here’s a recap of “Baby Making Factory.”

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  1. I understand Nikki is Ohs*t’s wife but she really didn’t need to say anything to Kathie. Her man has been a deadbeat dad way before she was in the picture. She redeemed herself by making him apologize to Kathie though.

  2. Sky’s baby storyline has to be fake. She didn’t do such a good job with the first two she had so why have more?

    1. That’s not fair. She gave her kids up for adoption so they could have a better life. She’s not some deadbeat mother. Y’all are too harsh on Sky.

  3. How are all these people broke when they are supposed to get a check for doing this show? First Donna was out here renting a room in NY in real life. Now Walt. Something is not adding up.

  4. Nikki needs to hope she doesn’t end up like Richard’s other baby mamas. He does not have the best track record as a father.

  5. I guess Sky is running out of storylines since the Genesis one ended. So she will have to go at Donna and Jadah again to be interesting. But most people aren’t buying this “I want a baby” storyline.

  6. That whole conversation would have went a lot better if Nikki would have allowed Richard to speak for himself. She needs to understand that his baby mamas resent him for a reason. He may be in a better place now but he used to be a hot mess.

  7. I really think Sky gets a kick out of trolling Genesis. She knows how hurt he is and pretending she wants another baby to move on from that situation is a sick way to get even with him.

  8. How is it not a red flag to a woman for a man to have multiple kids with multiple women and not really take care of any of them?

  9. So Sky is going to lie and say she’s 29 years old when her oldest son is 19 and she already lied about having him at 14? That woman stay lying.

  10. I thought it was illegal to rent out rooms in the projects in NY? Walt’s storyline seems fake.

  11. You know Nikki has some nerve defending a man with all these baby mommas. She ain’t been in his life long enough to see how much he messed up as a father.

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