Billboard Names Cardi B’s Album One of the Most Anticipated Hip Hop Albums of All-Time

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By: A.J. Niles

Cardi B’s debut album “Invasion of Privacy” comes out on Friday.

In the build up to the album releasing on Friday, Cardi B amassed a slew of hit records, whether on her own or as a featured guest.

As a result, some are saying her debut album is one of the most anticipated hip-hop debut albums of all time.

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  1. Cardi keeps asking on Twitter why so many people are angry about her success and this is an example of why right here. For her to be in the same conversation as greats like Nas and Cube, etc and she’s only been hot a year is just…a mess.

  2. I just can’t get into this album based on the singles I’ve heard so far. I don’t know…..maybe I fed into the hype but I’m hugely disappointed. None of them have been bangers or memorable, but I’m sure the radio stations will wear them out to death.

  3. Cardi is an example of an artist who has a good machine behind her. So there is no reason for her to fail.

  4. If they don’t sit they a–ses down somewhere. This child is so overrated it’s scary. She can’t even rap and people are acting like she’s some rap god. What in the world…

  5. I think a lot of people are just curious to see how she’s going to do. People are really going to stalk her album sales.

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