Kim Zolciak Getting Her Peach Back in Season 11?

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Season ten of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” has experienced a huge drop in ratings.

In fact, the show had it its lowest ratings since season one.

Some feel the drop may result in a huge shakeup with the cast next season.

But a recent tweet from Kim Zolciak has some speculating she may actually get a promotion.

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  1. Bravo better not even try this bullsh-t. Her own show is flopping so why the f-ck does she deserve a peach?

  2. What has Kim done to even deserve being full time next season? The favoritism she gets from the network and producers is so frustrating.

  3. LOL. This is just wishful thinking on her part. With the ratings sliding, I doubt Kim is getting her peach back. Next season she will be on Twitter pretending it was her choice not to have a peach season 11.

  4. Ratings would drop even lower if Kim had a peach again. She’s not liked like that. Tardy’s ratings reflect that.

  5. The reason ratings dropped I suspect is because Kim is back part-time this season. I can’t watch it with her on it.

  6. Kim is boring. She doesn’t want to film 99% of the time with the other women and requires alcohol to even walk out of her house. She doesn’t need a peach. She needs AA.

  7. Kim needs to stop trolling. Decisions for next season haven’t even been made yet. And she doesn’t need a peach when only two people (Sheree and Porsha) will fly with her.

  8. Please don’t bring that woman back, she looks so disgusted to be in the same room with those woman. She is a disgusting foul mouth self hating winch! I hope she is right about Kenya tho. Does Bravo ever read the blogs? because I haven’t read one comment who wants this woman back!

    1. I could care less about Kim, Kenya turned me off this show, her and Cynthia. Kenya bores me acting simple about getting married for the first time at 47 like she’s discovered the cure for something. Boring. Cynthia is a lame & a airhead, she can go. I’m tired of Kandi riding this Porsha thing & the other ladies need to cut it out, like Kandi’s mom told her she could squash that but she gets a sadistic pleasure from it & it’s become boring. I don’t wanna see a bunch of 50 year old women bashing each other all the time. It’s dumb.

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