How Do You Rate Cardi B’s Album ‘Invasion of Privacy’?

Photo Credit: Atlantic Records

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Cardi B’s long-awaited debut album is finally here.

And it’s all anyone is talking about on social media today.

But how does it actually hold up? Was the hype worth it?

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  1. I actually like the album. I just think they should not have released Be Careful as a single. She had much better songs than that.

  2. She killed this sh-t. I was ready to come on here and drag but it’s actually good. Good for her. Be Careful is still trash though.

  3. Cardi is out here winning and living her best life. People want her to fail so bad so God keeps on blessing her. I love this album!

  4. I still haven’t heard it yet. But a lot of people are saying it’s very good. I’m assuming Atlantic trolled us by putting out her weaker songs as new singles. That’s actually a very smart tactic.

  5. I can’t lie. The album is a banger. If her first week numbers are good, she’s here to stay for at last a few years. I can easily see Nicki and Cardi being the top two for a while.

  6. This album is good. I’m happy for Cardi. I just wish people would stop comparing her to Nicki. There’s room for both.

  7. It’s crazy how much support Cardi is getting. She can’t rap and her music is so basic. Ah get money I guess.

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