‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Richard & Baby Mama Kathie Shade Each Other on Social Media

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On the current season of “Black Ink Crew,” Richard Duncan’s new life with Nikki has made him realize that he needs to have a better relationship with all of his children and baby mommas.

In an attempt to make this a reality, he had a meeting with two of his baby mommas, Kathie and Cooley.

Things ended peacefully, however, Richard and Kathie had some words for one another on social media after the episode aired.

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  1. Richard can’t change the narrative. He’s a deadbeat father and former druggie. So he can’t place blame on any baby mama for not trusting that he’s changed.

  2. It’s interesting how he’s trying to shame Kathie about her temper but he doesn’t seem to own his own issues.

  3. Richard should be thankful Kathie didn’t whoop Nikki’s a-s because we all know she could have. Nikki was trying to talk sh-t but Richard really ain’t trying to be in any of his kids lives except the baby he just had with Nikki.

    1. That’s when I realized Kathie really has changed. The old Kathie would have mushed Nikki’s head into the table. In front of the baby and everything.

  4. All of this could have been avoided if Richard wasn’t out here impregnating women left and right. His life will never be peaceful.

  5. And he’s probably still not in their son’s life. That’s what really makes me shake his head. He’s not serious and wants to pretend he’s changed so much. Please.

  6. The episode was weird because Nikki isn’t much different from Richard. She abandoned her own son just to be with Richard and do a reality show. And then when someone called her out on this, she fought them while she was supposedly pregnant. So I don’t think she needed to talk down to Kathie. She’s a mess too.

    1. Agree with you. Nikki acts like she’s bipolar. She wears the pants. O’Sh-t need to take Nikki’s drawers off and be the father his kids need, not Nikki’s biotch.

  7. Both of them can have a stadium of seats. Neither is better than the other. I’ve been watching since season one so I know the history. I will say this. Richard hasn’t been a good father to his kids because he didn’t want to be. He made a lot of bad decisions so he can’t expect all the mothers of his kids to forget that just because he’s married now. Naw, you have to prove you have changed.

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