The Return of Nicki Minaj: Nicki Drops ‘Barbie Tingz’ & ‘Chun’Li’

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By: A.J. Niles

The return of Nicki Minaj is here. Nicki Minaj long-awaited release of her two singles is today.

And Nicki released “Barbie Tingz” and “Chun-Li” moments ago on multiple platforms. From the sound of things, her fans won’t be disappointed.

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  1. I lobe both songs. Nicki is just going through what a lot of stars go through eventually. You have your time period where everyone loves you and the next when everyone hates you. She will be okay because she has a loyal fan base. As far as Cardi and Quad go, it’s just industry politics. Atlantic knew Cardi couldn’t become huge unless she became the Anti-Nicki Minaj. The underdog people wanted to replace Nicki with. I get it.

  2. I’m still trying to listen to the full interview (it’s long so it’s going to take a while), but it’s clear that men cause the division between female rappers.

  3. Love both single. However, she does need to stop mentioning Cardi. Now the interview snippets are clouding the release. Bad move.

  4. I’m just glad she didn’t release any songs with features first again. People wanted to hear from her solo. Both songs are fire but my favorite is Chun Li.

  5. Sh-ts knock. I haven’t heard the whole interview yet, but from tweets alone I see Nicki didn’t hold back. I know a lot of people in the industry are going to be salty. Luckily for Nicki, that won’t end her career. And Cardi needs to be careful. She’s way too dependent on Offset. I didn’t know how involved he is on a business level for her. That never ends well.

  6. Was never a fan but I like these songs. At least she can actually rap and enunciate. She must really be hated for people like Oprah to be overhyping Cardi the way they have been doing.

  7. I’m honestly over how dramatic things have to be for female rappers. There’s always a beef and only one can be successful at once now. I like Cardi and Nicki. Their music makes me feel myself and have a good time. So I’m supporting both. People need to wake up. Male rappers don’t have to go through this.

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