RHOP Recap: Ashley & Monique Call out Robyn + Karen Has Had Enough of Gizelle

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On last night’s episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” Robyn clashes with Ashley and Monique after they call her out for her past actions.

It becomes a touchy situation when Ashley speaks frankly about Robyn’s relationship with Juan.

And Karen has reached her breaking point with Gizelle over Gizelle’s shady t-shirt.

Here’s a recap of “Meme Your Business.”

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  1. I don’t care for Ashley but she was right about Robyn and Juan. He did say he only stayed with her for the kids. That is not true love.

  2. Robyn all up in Karen business but get mad when someone is up in hers. She knows what the ladies are saying is true that’s why she gets so angry. She knows her husband doesn’t want to be with her but she is too weak to leave. I feel sorry for her husband he has that look on his face like he is disgusted just talking to her and only appear so she can have storyline. Its like he is saying in his mind I can’t wait until these kids are grown so I can get the hell away from her as fast as I can! Giselle is not a true friend her little so called joke was not funny, sometimes I think she does way to much and comes off as annoying. And if I hear one more time how hard it is too take care of two kids from Monique I’m going to scream!!!!! Woman do that sh*t everyday with a fulltime job and school. cut it out with your entitled a*s!!! And why was charisse even there she barely said two words not that its a bad thing. lol but she was the most stuck up pretentious of them all, that can only mean things are not going good for her and she don’t want that tea too come to light.

  3. I had to LOL when Ashley said Gizelle is the one who told her Robyn hates her. The whole time Robyn thought Gizelle was her partner in crime and Gizelle is out here snitching on her.

  4. Juan already said how he feels about Robyn last season so Robyn can’t be mad Ashley made the observation she did.

  5. None of them should be speaking about anyone else’s relationship. Ashley just got back home with her husband who is going to dump her if she don’t dump her mom, plus i don’t know why she cares so much about Juan & Robyn. She doesn’t have kids & barely has a husband she needs to work on her own life nobody asked her for help. Karen is a trip, period, if she wasn’t so busy lying & hiding she wouldn’t have to duck & dodge, later for her royal fakeness. I’m bored with Monique too, you got a nanny or two use them, she does brag a lot & it’s boring. The new chick Candice can go on back where she came from BORING….

  6. Monique should have put Robin’s tired azz out of her house, just as she did with Gizelle. I am really enjoying Karen, as usual. She’s digging a hole for her and her husband by saying anything relating to his taxes. I here/see her, uncle Sam does too. Monique is forever bragging. I don’t blame her mother-in-law for any comment she makes. Chris should feed her some humble pie. Ashley may be the youngest but she keeps these old hens in check. I like that she can hold her ok wn. Now she needs to cut the apron strings for her entitled mother. Robyn ate her spinach, now she thinks she’s Popeye and can beat Everybody up. One of the women (Monique) will call her bluff and woop that azz. Gizelle is so hungry for her next meal ticket, she will date anyone with a wallet. Sherman appears smart enough to not spend his whole retirement on her. I’m looking forward to this season. Keep it coming ladies.

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