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RHOP Recap: Ashley & Monique Call out Robyn + Karen Has Had Enough of Gizelle

Karen wraps up her “press conference.”

Gizelle asks if Karen is being indicted and Karen says she’s not.

In a green screen interview, Gizelle says she’s known Karen for a long time so she just wants her to be real.

When Gizelle gets up to leave with Robyn, she’s sure to show off the back of her T-shirt which reads #FreeKaren and #FreeUncleBen.

This angers Karen.

Monique feels this is tacky and says the shirt looks cheap anyway.

Even Ashley feels this was too much.

They all begin to leave the venue and Karen has some words for Gizelle on the way out.

“Trash.” – Karen

Gizelle tries to tell Karen she was joking but Karen is not hearing it.

Candiace once again stresses that she and Chris come from different backgrounds.

“I’ve always been blessed financially. And Chris has not.” – Candiace

Candiace says that she’s with Chris because he allow her to be herself. But she’s sure her mother wishes she would have ended up with a black doctor instead.

But Candiace says Chris has come a long way and she is the one who pushed him to open up his own restaurant.

He returned the favor and supported her as she started her own hair line.

Ashley comes by Monique’s place.

In a green screen interview, Ashley says she’s gown close to Monique because they are close in age.

They talk and have some drinks.

Chris’ birthday is coming up and he’s turning 40. They are going to have a white t-shirt party.

Monique says Chris’ relationship with his mom is still not good. Things have been strained because Chris’ mom has said some rude things to Monique in front of and away from the cameras.

Ashley says that Michael isn’t happy that Ashely is supporting her mother financially. She reveals she made a deal to buy her mom a house if she kicked her deadbeat boyfriend to the curb but she didn’t do that.

Since her mother was doing well on her own financially before she got with her boyfriend, Ashley feels he is responsible.

At this point, Monique says Ashley needs to stop supporting her mother.

They discuss Candiace.

Ashley says that Candiace actually won Miss International USA America. Monique says she’s never heard of this pageant and Ashley says, “I don’t know, girl.”

“We’re going to need some clarification on that.” – Monique

Not too long after, Candiace joins them and Monique gives her a run down about everyone in the group.

Monique says Karen is cool but Robyn apparently has issues with her she doesn’t know about. Ashley still isn’t in a good place with Robyn either.

Karen goes to a spa with her 19 year old daughter.

They discuss Ray’s tax drama and Karen tells her to be strong for Ray. Her daughter chokes up.

“Life is going to come at you in several directions. Either you fall or you rise to the occasion.” – Karen

Gizelle is getting ready for a trip to the Hamptons to promote her makeup line.

She goes shopping for an outfit with her friend and hair stylist Kal.

“I love making money, paying my business taxes unlike the Hugers.”

She’s also glad that she will miss out on Chris’ 40 birthday party.

They then start discussing Gizelle’s romance with Sherman. Kal says he really likes Sherman.

Gizelle says she feels like she hasn’t been a good girlfriend lately and Kal says she hasn’t been a good friend either because she’s been so busy with her makeup line and Sherman.

But he’s certain they can make up the time lost.

They then start discussing Karen’s press conference.

She brings up the shady t-shirt she made and Kal laughs.

While unpacking, Robyn admits regret to Juan.

Robyn is happy in the new place.

While still doing some unpacking, she tells Juan she loves the place because it’s bigger and she feels like they can stay there for at least three more years.

Juan is more interested in discovering his own basketball uniforms.

He jokingly admits he does love the house too.

She says she feels bad about making the bad investment she did and losing the money. ‘

“Are you apologizing for not listening to me?” – Juan

“You are right. I shouldn’t have done it.” – Robyn

In a green screen interview, she says she’s still upset that they invested with a friend who later stole their money.

Juan warned her against this but she didn’t listen.

But he stresses to her that he’s not worried about the past and they should focus on moving forward.

Robyn herself has gotten into flipping houses.

“I don’t want to ever be broke again.” – Robyn

They talk about Chris’ 40 birthday party. Since she’s not on the best terms with Monique, she wants Juan to go with her so things won’t be awkward.

She also doesn’t like that a fan page for Monique has been shady to her on social media. Robyn also feels Monique looks down on her due to Robyn’s financial past.

In a green screen interview, Robyn says this speaks on Monique’s character.

Juan tells Robyn to keep her distance from Monique.

Candiace goes to try on some wedding dresses.

Her mother Dorothy and and younger sister Crystal are in attendance.

She wants a ball gown type of wedding dress.

In a green screen interview, Candace says her parents divorced while she was very young, so she was more so raised by her mother alone.

Dorothy is a psychologist and started her own built her own practice from the ground up.

“Growing up she was the boss and everyone knew it.” – Candiace

Candiace says her mother still tries to run her life, so she’s thankful her mother lives in Atlanta.

When Candiace tries on a dress, she starts crying. She says it’s a surreal moment.

Dorothy isn’t impressed with any of the dresses Candiace tries on.

She tells her to try on a form fitting lace dress, and Candiace is annoyed.

Michael pushes Ashley to talk to her mother.

He asks if she’s had a conversation with her mom about what they discussed. She says he hasn’t and he sad that she must because her mom’s boyfriend is draining her.

They then discuss the fact that they bought her a house and she hasn’t ended the relationship with her boyfriend.

So he’s pushing for Ashley to tell her mother to break up with this man.

Ashley is not comfortable with doing this.

Robyn and Monique clash at Chris’ birthday party, Ashley hits a sore spot.

It’s the day of Chris’ party and the guests begin rolling in.

Robyn shows up with Charrisse.

Monique is happy to see Charrisse and says she’s like a sister to her in a green screen interview.

Charrisse says she gets along with everybody except Karen.

Karen and Ray show up not too long after.

Candiace and Karen meet for the first time. She meets Robyn and says that Robyn was cold towards her.

Some of Chris’ former teammates speak on how great of a person Chris is. Monique follows this up and says she’s happy “she married a real man.”

His father is there and has some positive words.

In a green screen interview, Monique says that she believes Chris and his mother will be able to be in a better place soon.

After the emotional and heartfelt speeches, everyone begins to mingle. Michael sees Karen and Ray. He tells then that he’s always there to help if they need it. Karen and Ray assure him that they are good.

Karen makes it clear this annoyed her in a green screen interview.

“Michael, stay in your lane. Get on back over.” – Karen

Robyn and Monique sit down to talk about where things went wrong with them. Robyn tells Monique that a fan page posted a shady meme and she doesn’t appreciate that.

Monique admits to liking the meme on Instagram and she says it was just funny to her and nothing else.

In a green screen interview, Monique says Robyn is being silly. She doesn’t think a meme is worth an argument at her husband’s party.

But Robyn is convinced that Monique or someone she knows is running that fan page

“Don’t act like you don’t know who runs that page.” – Robyn

Monique denies this and says she would always say what needs to be said to Robyn’s face.

Robyn is still certain that Monique runs that page or has the person who does run it on her payroll. Monique admits she knows who runs the page but it isn’t her PR and she’s not paying them.

At this point, Monique gets fed up and walks away from the conversation.

“You know, I got guests. I ain’t about to deal with this bullsh*t.” – Monique

Despite this, Robyn tells her that it’s probably a relative running the page.

In a green screen interview, she says that Monique is two faced and she now sees who she really is.

Outside, Charrisse asks Robyn what all that was about. Robyn says she s convinced Monique has something to do with that fan page and it’s not cool.

Ashley walks up to them at this point and joins the conversation.

After Robyn says that she’s never done anything to Monique for there to be an issue, Ashley tells Robyn that she has a way of doing things very subtly. She mentions that she was told by Gizelle that Robyn told Gizelle that she hated Ashley.

“I never used the word hate. I just feel like we’re in two different worlds.” – Robyn

Robyn then tells Ashley that she feels like Ashley is very judgmental about her relationship Juan, including their financial issues.

She says that before Juan moved back in, they agreed he would go back to school and become a coach.

“And that’s what he did.” – Robyn

“Robyn is that before of after he went overseas and started dating some other women?” – Ashley

“After!” – Robyn

Robyn questions why Ashley is bringing this up and Ashley says that she just notices that Juan came back to Robyn after things got hard for him.

“That’s no way to have a life.” – Ashley

At this point, Robyn calls Ashley shallow. But Ashley doesn’t back down.

“You are not in a situation that is conducive to a happy life.” – Ashley

Robyn gets angry and tells Ashley to “get the f*ck” out of her face.

She tells Ashley she doesn’t know anything about her life and just throwing Robyn’s past in her face.

Monique comes outside and says she’s glad to see she’s not the only one who has an issue.

Ashley apologizes for how she came off, but tells Robyn that she does’t have to be with someone to raise two happy kids.

Robyn walks off and while walking away, Monique says that Robyn never wants to hash things out.

She hears this and returns to tell Monique she doesn’t care enough to continue the conversation.

Monique says Robyn is disrespecting her at her new home just like Gizelle disrespected her in the last home.

Chris comes over to lighten the mood and remind people it’s his birthday party. He’s clearly annoyed with the bickering.

So Robyn takes this as her cue to leave and says goodbye to Charrisse before making her exit.

In a green screen interview, she says she feels like it’s low for Ashely and Monique to come at her when she’s in a better place with Juan.


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Amanda is a TV junkie with a passion for all things reality television. She's from Decatur, GA.



  1. Anonymous

    April 16, 2018 at 3:04 pm

    I don’t care for Ashley but she was right about Robyn and Juan. He did say he only stayed with her for the kids. That is not true love.

  2. Jordan's Memory

    April 16, 2018 at 3:23 pm

    Robyn all up in Karen business but get mad when someone is up in hers. She knows what the ladies are saying is true that’s why she gets so angry. She knows her husband doesn’t want to be with her but she is too weak to leave. I feel sorry for her husband he has that look on his face like he is disgusted just talking to her and only appear so she can have storyline. Its like he is saying in his mind I can’t wait until these kids are grown so I can get the hell away from her as fast as I can! Giselle is not a true friend her little so called joke was not funny, sometimes I think she does way to much and comes off as annoying. And if I hear one more time how hard it is too take care of two kids from Monique I’m going to scream!!!!! Woman do that sh*t everyday with a fulltime job and school. cut it out with your entitled a*s!!! And why was charisse even there she barely said two words not that its a bad thing. lol but she was the most stuck up pretentious of them all, that can only mean things are not going good for her and she don’t want that tea too come to light.

  3. And What?

    April 16, 2018 at 3:41 pm

    The truth hurts. Robyn knows her situation with Juan is a hot mess.

  4. Yeah I Said It!

    April 16, 2018 at 3:42 pm

    I had to LOL when Ashley said Gizelle is the one who told her Robyn hates her. The whole time Robyn thought Gizelle was her partner in crime and Gizelle is out here snitching on her.

  5. Renee

    April 16, 2018 at 6:36 pm

    Juan already said how he feels about Robyn last season so Robyn can’t be mad Ashley made the observation she did.

  6. deb

    April 16, 2018 at 7:37 pm

    None of them should be speaking about anyone else’s relationship. Ashley just got back home with her husband who is going to dump her if she don’t dump her mom, plus i don’t know why she cares so much about Juan & Robyn. She doesn’t have kids & barely has a husband she needs to work on her own life nobody asked her for help. Karen is a trip, period, if she wasn’t so busy lying & hiding she wouldn’t have to duck & dodge, later for her royal fakeness. I’m bored with Monique too, you got a nanny or two use them, she does brag a lot & it’s boring. The new chick Candice can go on back where she came from BORING….

  7. Lyn

    April 16, 2018 at 8:14 pm

    Monique should have put Robin’s tired azz out of her house, just as she did with Gizelle. I am really enjoying Karen, as usual. She’s digging a hole for her and her husband by saying anything relating to his taxes. I here/see her, uncle Sam does too. Monique is forever bragging. I don’t blame her mother-in-law for any comment she makes. Chris should feed her some humble pie. Ashley may be the youngest but she keeps these old hens in check. I like that she can hold her ok wn. Now she needs to cut the apron strings for her entitled mother. Robyn ate her spinach, now she thinks she’s Popeye and can beat Everybody up. One of the women (Monique) will call her bluff and woop that azz. Gizelle is so hungry for her next meal ticket, she will date anyone with a wallet. Sherman appears smart enough to not spend his whole retirement on her. I’m looking forward to this season. Keep it coming ladies.

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