Sheree Whitfield Compares NeNe Leakes to Donald Trump

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Season ten of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” has resulted in NeNe Leakes once again falling out with Sheree Whitfield and Kim Zolciak.

The OGs of course disagree about who is at fault, but Sheree has now gone as far as to compare NeNe to Donald Trump in her latest Bravo blog.

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  1. So she thinks NeNe wants everyone to kiss her a-s but does Sheree forget she’s been kissing Kim’s a-s the whole season?

  2. I used to love me some Sheree. I missed her while she was gone and figured she’d return with a vengeance. But she has been nothing but a disappointment and Kim’s new Sweetie. I don’t even like NeNe but I can’t help but side with her this season.

  3. Actually, Kim is more like Trump than NeNe. She’s a bigot, liar and always plays victim just like him. Sheree tried it.

  4. I’ve already clocked Sheree. She is very jealous of NeNe because she thought she would be the RHOA star but people took to NeNe more. So she projects a lot to the point that she’s starting to believe what she’s saying about NeNe.

  5. I’m so glad Sheree is gone. She’s too delusional now. How can she talk about loyalty when she’s been carrying bones since she’s been back on the show?

  6. I never, ever liked Sheree, she was always so full of herself and so fake. Her she by nobody, her house, this season her nothing, sweat clothes all the time, she looked terrible including the party city blond wigs……..Girl go someplace and find a life. Get rid of that house and you might find one.

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