Kanye West Confirms Pill Addiction + Using Trump Support to Promote Music

Photo Credit: Fred von Lohmann

By: A.J Niles

Kanye West recently stirred the pot on Twitter over the weekend. He did this by saying he likes a black conservative’s train of thought. Well Hot 97’s Ebro Darden confronted Kanye about this.

He told Ebro multiple things about why he said what he did. He also confirmed he loves Donald Trump.

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  1. I don’t think opioids are the only thing he’s on. I think he’s a cokehead too. Kim even took a picture and there was something that looked like coke residue behind her. Either way, this is who some people stan. Dude is an actual drug addict c–n but they want to pretend he’s some genus. Eww!

  2. I’ll never understand why some black people think liking Donald Trump makes them so smart, woke and deep. Fools.

  3. Kanye is pathetic. Some people want to be deep so damn bad they can’t even see how dumb they actually are. And of course he’s on drugs. That’s been obvious.

  4. Kanye said for years he reached out to Obama who didn’t give him the time of day, but Trump did. That’s all that needed to be said right there. So glad Bevy Smith called Kanye out.

  5. Kanye is driven by ego. He’s just like Trump. Both need validation from others constantly. And when they don’t get it, it drives them crazy and makes them angry. I agree with julyol1972. This is really about his bitterness about Obama and Jay/Bey.

  6. Kanye is triggered. I knew he would pull something after BeyChella, Kendrick getting a Pulitzer, and J Cole breaking streaming records with no features and little publicity.

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