Kim Zolciak ‘Apologizes’ + Filming for ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Stopped

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Reality star Kim Zolciak came under fire for her racially insensitive remarks on part three of the reunion for season ten of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

During her talk with Andy Cohen, she told him no other white woman would be “stupid enough” to be on RHOA and racism wasn’t “really real” before social media.

Now she has issued out a lukewarm apology and filming for “Don’t Be Tardy” has been halted.

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  1. This isn’t a true apology. This is damage control and her still not taking responsibility for her actions. She’s once again showing how privileged she is because a black woman from any Bravo show would have been fired by now.

  2. I’m not surprised Kim is still playing victim. She’s learned not one thing from any of this. And why hasn’t Bravo cancelled her show? They wasted no time in firing Phaedra now did they?

  3. Kim a-s not sorry… Bihh sorry see got caught on tv hell. Nene was right about her being a racist hell. Kim thought by going too Gucci mane wedding when nene called her out was gonna proves she’s not a racist. There was no editing there Kim. Thank u Andy for letting the world see Kim disgusting racist self

  4. Kim really is trash. She will never truly understand why she was wrong so why waste time in explaining? She truly is trying to be the victim when she’s the one who did all the offending.

  5. Who wrote this non apology for Kim? LOL. Don’t Be Tardy should be cancelled but I doubt that’s going to happen. Kim is still being coddled by Bravo.

  6. Kim has made questionable comments for years. Are we supposed to forget that? She needs to come harder than this. And let me know when her show is actually canceled. She didn’t deserve a show in the first place.

  7. Something must have happened behind the scenes because Bravo has never checked Kim like this. And her rep needs to stop lying. It wasn’t her decision to stop filming.

  8. Exactly why would you stop filming on a show that is your only source of income if you don’t film u don’t get paid.

  9. I’m so team Nene on this one….Kim although entertaining is a one trick pony and has been made relevant by the SAME black cast that she now talks down to …kill da show mane! She throwin it in people face…her and kroy entitled white asses need to be reduced to friends of rhoa…. only because her mangled mug is a spectacle alone…(wonder if she thinks she looks good?)let’s see how long they maintain that lifestyle on those checks. The fact that he drives her around says the most about his future earning potential…she needs to be thanking kandi for her WHOLE life because tardy for the party is the best it’s gonna get for her and it’s made her career and legacy for the world….what a joke.

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