Issa Rae Gets Dragged on Social Media For Black Women/Asian Men Excerpt in Book?

Photo Credit: HBO

By: A.J. Niles

“Insecure” star Issa Rae is busy prepping for her hit show’s third season. But that hasn’t stopped the social media streets from unearthing past controversial comments in her book.

As a result, she’s been trending on Twitter for what she proclaims as a solution for black women and their issues dating: Asian Men.

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  1. And I’m still going to watch Insecure. The same people mad about this gave Kanye a pass for endorsing Donald Trump and blocking black women from one of his shoots.

  2. It’s mainly black men mad about this. Meanwhile, they have said virtually nothing about most of their favorite black rappers bashing black women in their music and uplifting nonblack women all the time.

  3. Child whatever. Kanye just spent the entire weeding c–ning and they said they are still buying his album. Black men can have a stadium of seats because I’m watching Insecure.

  4. Come on now Issa. This is not the kind of drama I want her caught up in. I’m still watching Insecure but this is a mess.

  5. There’s so many buthurt black men on Twitter right now. It’s nice to see them on the receiving end for a change. I know, I’m petty. LOL.

  6. I don’t take this seriously bc she’s sarcastic in nature. I think it was meant to be light hearted and funny.

  7. It’s gotten to the point where comedians can’t even be funny any longer without people getting their knickers in a twit. For crying out loud!

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