Atlanta Season 2 Episode 8 Recap: Paper Boi Gets "Lost" in the Woods
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‘Atlanta’ Recap: Paper Boi is Lost & Afraid in the Woods as He Struggles With Fame

Paper Boi’s home is a mess.

The episodes opens with Paper Bow sleep on the couch. His deceased mother is cleaning up, noting, “This place is a mess.”

“I know you know how to fold.” – Paper Boi’s mom.

Just then, his phone rings. He reaches for it and answers.

Earn called checking in on him, making sure he’s okay. Paper Boi stammers in answering Earn since he’s still groggy from waking up.

“I-I-I-I’m Okay.” – Paper Boi

Earn tells him that he has forms that need to be signed but he hangs up on Earn. Then Paper Boi drops his phone on the coffee table and rolls back to sleep.

Sierra stops by to pick up Paper Boi & Darius puts his foot into pasta.

Darius is in the kitchen cooking when Paper Boi walks in. He offers food. Paper Boi declines. Darius learned how to make pasta in a dream.

At this point, Sierra honks for him to come outside. Darius calls Sierra his girlfriend.

“I thought you weren’t the girlfriend type.” – Darius

Paper replies, “Sierra ain’t my girl.”

As Paper Boi leaves, Darius literally puts his foot into the pasta he is making.

Once he walks outside, he jumps into a Red SUV that Sierra is driving.

Paper Boi seems to not be as into Sierra as Sierra is into him.

They’re driving and Sierra isn’t saying anything. Eventually, she breaks the silence, pointing out a stip club she used to dance.

Sierra asks him, “You ever go in there?”

“Sometimes,” Paper Boi replies.

This puts a smile on her face and Sierra reveals that she could’ve seen him in the club before.

“I could’ve been grinding on your junk, thinking you was just another dumb, broke n***a.” – Sierra

Paper Boi is put off by this and claps back.

“I thought you were just another stuck-up ho with too many stretch marks.” – Paper Boi

Sierra laughs, saying “I’m glad you could come out and kick it today.”

“It’s nice to be around someone who gets it.” – Sierra

Suddenly Paper Boi’s hit comes on the radio and Sierra says, “Yass!”

Paper Boi nervously smiles, seemingly to appear annoyed.

Sierra schools Paper Boi on his image and getting a manager with a big d***.

Next, Sierra has Paper Boi at a high-end clothing store and he’s not interested in the clothes. Sierra tells him that he has to take pride in his image. She notes that his fans want him to look more than ordinary.

“That dope boy from the hood look won’t last long. – Sierra

She then tells him, “People gonna get tired of seeing a sweaty n**** in a polo and cargo shorts. Nobody wants somebody famous to look just like them.”

Paper Boi reluctantly asks the price and Sierra says it doesn’t matter and to have his manager get them for free.

“Earn… He don’t how to do s*** like that.” – Paper Boi

“Oh my god, you gotta level up. Get you a manager with a big d***.” – Sierra

Sierra then yells out for assistance so he can try on the shoes.

After arguing in the nail salon, Paper Boi walks off alone.

Afterwards, Sierra takes selfies with her fans. She and Paper Boi then walk into the nail shop. When inside, both get pedicures. The girls who took the selfie posted and tagged it. This reveals that Sierra is somebody “Instagram famous.”

“I love fans.” – Sierra

Paper Boi, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be interested in fans or the pedicure, despite appearing to like the foot massage. Sierra notices and reminds him he needs to be into this.

“Most of y’all wouldn’t be caught in here. N****s be acting like grooming yourself is gay.” – Sierra

She adds:

Most n****s need make up more than I do.” – Sierra

Paper Boi tells her that she doesn’t need make-up. But Sierra lets him know the makeup is for keeping up her image on social media.

“Its my brand. I’m Instagram famous boo. I can’t be out here selling wigs looking janky; I gotta compete with white girls. Everybody wants to be a black girl but black girls ain’t making no money from it.” – Sierra

She then tells Paper Boi, “You need to post to Instagram more.” However, Paper Boi isn’t feeling that.

“No offense, but I ain’t into that fake s***. I’m just trying to be real.” -Paper Boi

“S***. You been on the radio and been making money from it, you been ain’t real.” – Sierra

Sierra then yells at the employees who she feels talk about them in their native language.

She proposes that she and Paper Boi form a relationship so they can grow their brands. This rubs Paper Boi the wrong way.

“We don’t got to f*** all the time. We just need to get them something to talk about.” – Sierra

She then takes a selfie of the two of them at the salon together, which makes Paper Boi livid. At this point, he’s done with this and gets up to walk out.

Sierra yells out, “I drove!”

“I can walk ho” – Paper Boi

On his walk home, Paper Boi gets robbed and runs into the woods.

Paper Boi walks out barefoot only to put his shoes on in the parking lot. He ends up crossing a bridge, followed by walking past a building.

Finally, Paper Boi ends up in a Krystal parking lot by himself.

He gets a text message from a random number that says, “I’ve been thinking about you today<3”

Next, Paper Boi walks across 3 dudes hanging out on the tracks. The see Paper Boi and walk up to him telling him they love his music.

“You aint got a car?” one of them asks. Defensive, Paper replies.

“I ain’t allowed to walk?” – Paper Boi

Suddenly, the dudes try to jack him. One pulls out a gun but he grabs it. As he grabs it, the other two grab his watch and chain.

Paper Boi knocks down the guy with the gun, but runs off into the woods when the gun is pointed at him.

He jumps behind a fallen logs, grabbing a jagged piece of wood from it. When the cost is clear, he gets up only to walk deeper into the woods. As he is walking, he comes across a dead deer.

When he hears a man humming, he yells out, “Who’s that?”

“You looking for them boys?” – Homeless Man

The dude makes a joke and Paper Boi walks off.

“Here’s some chapstick. Do you have germs?” – Homeless Man

“Don’t follow me, man.” – Paper Boi

The Homeless Man threatens to cut Paper Boi.

It turns into night and Paper Boi is deeper into the woods. As he still walks, the homeless man continues to follow him.

“That’s you; Deer guts. That’s what Ima call you.” Homeless man

The man then spooks Paper Boi and he hems the homeless man up by his shirt. The man replies, “Boy, you is just like your mama.”

That freaks Paper out and he lets him go.

Eventually, Paper Boi stops to rest. The homeless man sits next to him and picks up a bottle of liquor.

“You better stand up and make a decision about how you’re gonna get out of here.” – Homeless Man

As Paper ties to figure out how to get out of the woods, the homeless man pulls out a box cutter and places it to Paper Boi’s neck. Paper Boi starts crying.

“It ain’t no body out here but you and me boy.” -Homeless Man

He adds:

“Keep standing still, and you’re gone boy. Stop wasting time. And the only people who got time are dead.” – Homeless man

The homeless man then tells Paper he has 30 seconds to get out of the woods, or else he will cut him. He tells Paper Boi he has to either stay or go.

“Make a decision!” – Homeless man

Paper Boi begins to run away but trips and falls. He then notices that the homeless man is threatening the air with his box cutter and doesn’t even notice that Paper Boi is on the ground not far away from him. He’s just talking to himself.

So he gets up and keeps running. He suddenly sees an opening and runs towards it. This leads to getting out of the woods and he walks onto a gas station parking lot.

Paper Boi seems changed by his time in the woods.

He begins sobbing out of joy. Once in the gas station he grabs a cold drink and place it on his bruises.

A kid comes by and asks if he’s Paper Boi. He reluctantly replies, “Yeah, I’m Paper Boi. You want a picture?”

The rapper takes as a few selfies with the kid, bloodied mouth and all. Afterwards, he tells the kid to “be safe out there.”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. 100

    April 20, 2018 at 1:26 pm

    This season has been very dark and confusing. i miss laughing at every episode.

  2. Queen

    April 20, 2018 at 1:56 pm

    It’s amazing how this show switches from comedy to horror so fast.

  3. Deja

    April 20, 2018 at 5:00 pm

    So was the homeless man even real or just Al’s imagination?

  4. Anonymous

    April 20, 2018 at 5:22 pm

    This episode was deep. Al’s mother is dead, so I guess that was her ghost in the beginning. I did read that the actor’s mom passed away in real life last year so I know this episode had to be hard for him.

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