‘Atlanta’ Recap: Earn Finally Impresses Paper Boi + Darius Drops Some Gems

Atlanta Season 2 Episode 11
Photo Credit: FX Networks

On the season finale of “Atlanta,” Earn scrambles to keep Darius and Paper Boi on schedule for a trip to Europe and moving out of their place.

However, Earn gets caught up at the TSA Checkpoint and he makes a decision that impresses Paper Boi.

Lastly, Earn and Van get blunt advice about their daughter’s education.

Here is the recap for “Crabs in a Barrel.”

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  1. Loved this episode. It really did touch on why so many black people have anxiety and are so stressed out. When you realize it’s no room for you to fail, the pressure can be a lot on most days. But you can’t let it break you. We have to survive period. Great season.

  2. I really thought Earn was going to get locked up so this was a twist I wasn’t expecting. The season was very dark so I’m thankful it ended on a high note. Now I hope we see more of the trio together again in season three.

  3. This whole season has been really deep and I’m glad most of the episodes really made me think. I do wish there was more comedy but I get the theme was pretty dark so it makes sense that it wasn’t as funny as it was last year. But I really love seeing all three of them on the couch again. The bottle episodes were well done, it’s just better for us to see them together. I also love how many things tied back to season one and episode one of the season. The writing on this show is almost perfect. It’s nice to see Earn win again. Too bad someone had to be taken down first for that to happen.

  4. When I think back on it, Earn wasn’t that bad of a manger to Al. I mean he did get his song on the radio. He got him put on that streaming service. And I’m sure he got him on that tour as well. He’s not perfect and he’s made some huge mistakes being too cheap at times, but overall he has potential to be a great manager. I’m glad Al sees that now.

  5. Season two was pretty good. Overall, I think I prefer season one but I really loved this finale, the Woods episode as well as the Katt Williams one. I’m excited for season three.

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