‘Atlanta’ Recap: Alfred Helps Earn Avoid Being Bullied over a FUBU Jersey

Atlanta Season 2 Episode 10
Photo Credit: FX Networks

By: A.J. Niles

Even back in their Middle School days as kids, Alfred always had his cousin’s back, bailing him out of trouble.

In a flashback episode, Alfred and Earn are in middle school, and Earn got props over his new FUBU jersey. Even the girls noticed him. However, when another kid walks in with a similar looking FUBU jersey, Earn struggles with proving his jersey is real.

Alfred bails him out of trouble with his classmates, but the result has unintended consequences.

Here is the recap for, “FUBU.”

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  1. I liked this episode because it touched on materialism in the black community and where it comes from. And I really love how the white boy told Earn that no one pays attention to what he wears. Very well written.

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