LHHATL Recap: Sierra Attacks Keely + Scrappy & Bambi Confirm Pregnancy

Momma Dee gets some good news from Lil Scrappy.

Lil Scrappy comes by to surprise Momma Dee.

She’s still healing from her plastic surgery, so he brings her some balloons. He’s still living in Miami.

“Why you can’t be like a regular grandmother?” – Scrappy

Momma Dee wants Ernest back living with her but Scrappy doesn’t think this is a good idea. They then talk about Bambi and he’s thankful they eloped.

In a green screen interview, he says Bambi made him work hard to get her back.

He also confirms Bambi is pregnant. This news excites Momma Dee.

Bambi also plans on having the baby in Atlanta because her doctor is there.

Tokyo has a chat with Bleu.

Bleu hangs out with Tokyo and Tobias in the studio.

They all catch up and Bleu says he came from Miami to talk to Keely. She’s been keeping their son away from him and he says she did so out of spite.

Tokyo tells Bleu that Botchey is dating Keely. Bleu didn’t know this but says he has no issue with this. He just wants to see his son.

Tokyo invites Bleu to her album release party. Bleu takes the invitation and plans to confront Keely there.

Botchey confronts Keely.

Now that Botchey knows that Bleu is her baby daddy, he’s ready to confront Keely about the messiness.

He stops by her office to talk and tells her Joc spilled the tea.

They have a heated conversation, and Bleu says that Keely should have told him this. But she says he should have just asked her. She wasn’t intentionally hiding it.

With Botchey crossing paths with Bleu, he feels Keely was out of line for not telling him.

Keely says Botchey was too arrogant to ask her.

Botchey then says he’s going to need some space from her and he doesn’t want her to show up to Tokyo’s album release party.

“Don’t play with me.” – Keely

He then leaves.

Scrappy, Steve and Joc catch up on the golf course.

While handing out cigars, Scrappy tells both that Bambi is pregnant.

“Got a baby on the way.” – Scrappy

They congratulate him and Joc asks if Erica knows. Scrappy says they don’t have those kind of conversations and Stevie says that when she finds out, she may ask for an increase in child support.

The conversation then turns into Estelita. Scrappy and Joc feel it’s a lot similar to Stevie’s past relationship with Joseline.

Stevie then tells them about the upcoming showcase. He denies sleeping with Brittany and says she may be out of the showcase as a result of drama.

Dime gets a surprise visitor.

It’s her mother Diane and Shawne apparently set this up while he’s been away.

They talk and Dime brings up the hurtful comment she made at the reunion last year about her mother not caring about her and her being locked up in a juvenile detention center.

Diane tells her that she is proud of her despite their fallout.

This is when Dime tells her that she is pregnant.

The news excites Diane and they hug.

“Well I’ll be coming back and forth.” – Diane

The twosome agrees to keep working on their relationship.

Sierra attacks Keely.

Tokyo has her album release party.

She performs new music and mingles with guests.

Joc tries to speak to Karlie but she ignores him because she’s with her boo Sean.

Botchey comes up and speaks. He says that he told Keely to stay home. Bleu then walks up and speaks to everyone.

It’s a little awkward between Botchey and Bleu at first but they have a one on one conversation anyway.

“I had no idea.” – Botchey

Bleu says he has no issue with Bleu and he hasn’t seen his son in 18 weeks. They dap to their agreement.

Keely then walks into the party with her friend Dej. She immediately walks up to Bleu and they go off to the side to talk.

He accuses Keely of not letting him see his son because his girlfriend is a stripper.

“Lies.” – Keely

“I just want to see my f*cking child!” – Bleu

Bleu then says that he wants to sit down and talk things out after they calm down on another day. Keely agrees to this and she’s convinced Tokyo set all this up.

So then Keely and Dej sit down in the booth with Karlie and Tokyo. Keely says that Dej is her sister just like Karlie is Tobias’ older play sister. This irritates Karlie who then takes it out on Joc by screaming at him to shut up after he tries to keep the peace.

Sean sees this and says in a green screen interview that Karlie doesn’t act like she’s over Joc.

Sierra walks in with her friend Crystal and introduces her as K. Botchey’s girlfriend. Keely slow claps.

Keely gets even and says Dej is Shooter’s girlfriend. Sierra quickly hits Keely in the head with her purse and lounges on top of her.

Security intervenes, Sean and Karlie end up on the ground.

The next day, Shooter, Bleu, Botchey and Joc discuss the drama.

They all agree Sierra was the victor.

Meanwhile, Sierra explains herself back at the shop to Karlie, Tokyo and Crystal. She says seeing Keely just set her off.

Bleu apologizes for going off at the party.

Tokyo says Keely is messy and she feels Keely is picking at her because she still has her v card. Karlie had no idea Tokyo is still a v*gin and says she’s proud.

“I love the fact that Tokyo marches to the beat of her own drum.” – Karlie

Bambi confirms the baby on the way.

Scrappy drops off Bambi to have a sit-down with Momma Dee.

Bambi says the only one who knows she’s pregnant is her mom. Scrappy admits he told Stevie and Joc.

She’s not happy about this.

“Who else did you tell?” – Bambi

He finally admits he told Momma Dee too.

“I thought we weren’t going to tell her right now.” – Bambi

She’s disappointed because she wasn’t ready for Momma Dee to know. With her past miscarriage, she didn’t want to say anything too early into her pregnancy. She’s four months along.

Bambi meets Momma Dee at a restaurant, and is surprised to see Tammy and Rasheeda there too.

Momma Dee pulls out baby clothes and Bambi goes ahead and reveals she’s pregnant.

Tammy and Rasheeda are happy to hear the news.

“You’re going to be a good mom.” – Tammy

Everyone promises to keep this news on the low.

Sean goes by Karlie’s boutique to talk.

He’s upset he got caught up in Sierra’s attack on Keely. He ended up on the floor trying to hold Karlie back.

Karlie says she just wants to protect her friends. But Sean says that is immature and she has businesses to run.

She then says she’s ready to get engaged but Sean says she doesn’t know how to act. Karlie promises to get her act together.

Tokyo goes off on Tobias.

They meet at a park and Tokyo confronts Tobias about going out for tacos with another woman.

He says the woman is his ex and her grandfather passed away recently. When Tokyo points out that it wasn’t his family member who passed away, Tobias says it doesn’t matter because he loves his ex and she’s his friend.

Tokyo says she doesn’t care who died and Tobias says she’s only insecure because she still has her v card.

“Cause you ain’t give me none you think I’m out here smashing.” – Tobias

Things get heated and Tokyo has to be restrained by security after she tries to hit Tobias.

She ends the relationship and shades him in a green screen interview.

“How you gon leave first class for standby?” – Tokyo

She threatens to beat up Tobias and his ex before leaving.

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