Another Female Rapper Calls out Cardi B (UPDATE)

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Cardi B’s nasty social media beef with Azealia Banks is one of the reasons she decided to take a break from Instagram and make her Twitter account private.

Before making the moves, she told fans she is doing what is necessary to enjoy what’s left of her pregnancy.

But breaking from social media isn’t doing much to keep her name out of drama.

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  1. So Cardi is really out here trying to fight while she’s pregnant. She is so problematic it’s sad.

    1. This is what I can’t get past. How are you pregnant telling someone you want all the smoke in their DM’s? She’s out her mind.

  2. This is the problem with the need to be so “real” all the time. It means you have to respond to any and everything when the best response is no response. I just don’t see how Cardi can stay successful when she refuses to change her attitude.

  3. Wasn’t Nya on Love & Hip Hop too? She’s probably just jealous Cardi used the platform to blow up and she didn’t. She is only posting this now because it’s now cool to hate on Cardi. That’s why Cardi should have kept it cute while the Nicki hate train was a thing. Instead, she sat back and liked little shady comments on IG. Karma is a bish.

  4. Sigh…so this happened last month. Why won’t Cardi stop responding to any and everybody? I just don’t understand. People more successful than her know better than this.

  5. Cardi’s internet thug a-s is going to f–k around and get kicked off Bruno’s tour. Everything doesn’t require a response. She already made the mistake of responding to Azealia. All the other A listers know you don’t respond to Azealia…ever. Now she’s responding to flop Love And Hip Hop rappers. She has to smarten up.

  6. Let’s not forget Cardi got into it with some chick at a shoe store last month, baby bump and all. She’s not going to stop until she gets herself in a really bad situation trying to hard to be so real all the time. She needs to watch Dave Chappelle’s When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong skits because she needs a clue. LOL.

  7. Hennessy is so quick to defend Cardi but she needs to be even quicker telling her to chill out. This is just too much. If you can’t handle social media, log off completely and let your team run your accounts.

  8. Cardi has let the hype get to her head now. She’s so used to people hyping her up all the time, that now she can’t take when someone doesn’t. It really bothers her when people don’t see it for her. Yeah she’s rich now but you can tell she’s miserable. Only miserable people sit around all day worried about who doesn’t like them.

  9. It’s messed up Nya leaked this but Cardi needs thicker skin. How do you go from the Met Gala last week to arguments with Azealia and being exposed by Nya Lee?

  10. I had to log off IG after reading this. I get people may be jealous but she does nothing to deter it. Everything is you ugly and I’m rich. There is a serious emotional deficit here. She lacks the maturity and people know it. Why would any woman invite this type of energy while she pregnant that boggles my mind no instinct to protect her child until she about to deliver. Even that Kylie Jenner had enough sense to log off way in advance.

  11. Man Cardi just doesn’t get it. Everyone is not going to like you. And most people on social media are mean and only there to tear you down. They are miserable and enjoy knowing they have gotten under your skin. That also applies to people like Azealia and this Nya chick. It takes a lot of strength to ignore nonsense. The most successful people in the business aren’t online defending themselves. Instead they focus on their craft and let their success speak for itself. A good example is Donald Glover. Some people were really on Twitter calling him a c–n and antiblack over that video but he said not one word. There was no defending himself. He said decipher the message on your own when tmz asked him about it and went on his merry way. Now the song is number one in the country. You can’t worry about nonsense. Work hard, enjoy your success and keep thick skin. That’s how you really win at life.

  12. Cardi gets on my nerves. She loves to use the I’m from the hood card to defend being immature and insecure as h-ll. She is not the first person from the hood who made it. But the difference is usually people from the hood who make it realize they have to change to a certain extent to make sure they never go back. Cardi better get it together. Just as quick as she came up, she can do down.

  13. When you don’t work hard to be successful, you won’t care about messing it all up prematurely. Cardi’s success was literally given to her on a silver platter. What took others many years to achieve, she did in like two years. So she’s being hardheaded about maintaining her success. Which makes sense when you didn’t really have to work that hard.

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