Cardi B is Still Upset About Azealia Banks’ Comments + Reveals She Refused Media Training

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Cardi B is still upset about her recent blowup with Azealia Banks.

Not too long ago, she took to Twitter to address the situation again, and explain why she refused to get media training.

And she’s had just about enough of her critics.

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  1. All she’s doing is showing Azealia that she won. This is why you don’t respond to your haters. It only lifts them up and takes you down.

  2. This being real and being myself nonsense is only going to guarantee that Cardi’s career won’t last long. Anyone with common sense knows that bettering yourself is important to maintain success. Media training means you won’t go off in some interview and say something that will ruin your career. Why is that so hard for her to grasp? Even regular people who don’t have riches and fame know that you have to constantly increase your skill and knowledge to keep moving up. Cardi needs to do some soul searching because it’s looking like she’s not cut out for any of this.

  3. She’s not getting the point at all which shows how much Azealia Banks was right… it’s not about color it’s about if a browner girl was on stage shaking her a-s while pregnant she would be called every rat in the book. I do like her I’m me personality but damn you have WON! You are famous number one album number single pregnant about to get married why would like peoples opinions bother you so much.. I think she’s very sensitive and has self esteem issues and they are on full blast… an

  4. I’m really starting to see how miserable Cardi is and it’s sad. She should be on top of the world but she’s so worried about the opinions of others.

  5. Wait, so now media training is not being yourself? At what point will Cardi understand that improving yourself doesn’t make you fake? She’s very immature in her thinking.

  6. I knew the man was going to sue and he should. Whether he antagonized them or not, they have more to lose. Next time she will leave the hood mentality at home

  7. She’s basically proving all of Azealia’s points. She should take a long break from Twitter.

  8. The best thing Cardi could have done was to ignore Azealia. By responding, you can’t help but notice that Azealia was actually right about everything she said. Cardi also needs to figure out how to navigate being famous. If your security guards are out here getting you sued, they shouldn’t be your security guards.

  9. Okay it’s been like a week. Cardi is going to have to get over it and stop defending herself.

  10. Her and her sister are just…they should really just be quiet. They are digging a deeper hole for themselves.

  11. So basically, Azealia said the truth and Cardi is in her feelings because she knows it was the truth. That’s the only reason she’s still discussing this almost a week later. People need to understand Azealia is very cunning and intelligent. She’s about to Iggy Cardi and Cardi isn’t smart enough to see she’s been baited. The best thing Cardi can do is drop this ASAP.

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