Andy Cohen Responds to Backlash

Photo Credit: YouTube/Power 105.1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Andy Cohen received a lot of backlash after he claimed he felt Kim Zolciak was ganged up on at the reunion for season ten of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

So he cleared everything up during his appearance on “The Breakfast Club” this morning.

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  1. Yep! He don’t want those ratings to decline trying to hold kim down. Somebody must have sat him down and said get it together.

  2. You notice how he had to get on an urban radio station to clear the air, why say that on ur bravo blog or whatever.

  3. Andy is so predictable. He’s changing it up again because everyone got in his a-s. People better let Kim down by herself. It’s not like she’s doing anything for Bravo anyway. Her show is a flop.

  4. He get with the white audience and it’s “Kim was ganged up on” then he gets with the urban audience and it’s “Kim kept lying, Kim wouldn’t take accountability, etc..” bitch please, we see right through his coke head a-s.

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